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@Asasiyun that is what I am not understanding. Just say it instead of going around corners. You were trying, I assume, to make a point from the original commen...
1 week ago
@Asasiyun it is quite possible to read something, think the argument ridiculous for what it states, but still not understand what the author is trying to convey...
Really? Come on! First to answer SanchezAlexis, as much as the Dutch should have multiple championships/cups under their belt they have never quite lived up to ...
I'm the same, in grad school getting my MBA. Part of my studies in undergraduate school was economics. Part of my studies was international business which has...
2 weeks ago
Yup I am still in school... in grad school doing Economics. :) How about you?
Random are in school right? What are you studying? For some reason I feel like I know what most of the Barca fans study except you? :D
No, both you and I3lindSpot are suggesting that one of the few chances Ter Stegen has had to play and probably our toughest match of the season so far (PSG) tha...
I completely disagree. After the game against PSG Ter Stegen needs to prove his ability. I think the reverse would be true. It is not fair to play him just aga...
You'll come around I think. Barca's culture rubs off on people and makes them more sober. (Except Zlatan!) Or so I hope :)
Lol you all know how I feel about Suarez. I hope he does well, but I'm not too fond of him. So if that is any indication that would mean I stay away less? :P
Haha this is the first cool vote I've got in 6 months, and unlike you I'm around all the time! Need to overhaul my strategy. :D You can take 20 more days off f...
Hey Tanmay! lol I've been stuck at 131 for more than a year now. At least that is how far back I can remember :P Plus I am not on FT as much anymore. You'll s...
My goodness, using the word sh*t in the kitchen 100+ times while cooking is just not appealing. lol One of the comments I just could not stop laughing even tho...
I would say some really awful things about Arsenal but I will refrain. Tanmay, what you are talking about is Liverpool not Arsenal. Practically every season for...
You and I are tied on 131 cool votes each, Lt. Thought I'd wave as I pass you by! xD
Just saw the replay, that PK looks worse the second time seeing it. SMH
Ah, why was he the coach again? I thought that shipped sailed.
That was an awful PK. He basically sent it right into Diego Alves hands. lol
Https:// edit: yea, links dont work on ppl walls for whatever reason. I give up lol. Just search "auntie fee" and enjoy lol
Yea, for what ever reason it did not link correct (all the videos are still there). I tried several times (editing) but it never worked. Just go to youtube and ...
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