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They prefer working on pods because they probably like hearing their own voice. Why care about anyone or anything else when you can listen to yourself pontifica...
1 year ago
@ JRaty....why was he the only one going on and on about it? It was the end of the game. They got the freekick! Move the heck on with the was unnecess...
It was an unnecessary reaction. There was no need for them to create such a big scene. Busi a few minutes later reacting to Neymar getting fouled was also. The...
LOL, some of them gave some really tight hugs.
^Don't be so sure....20 minutes left...who knows what may happen between the locker room and the pitch.
Thank you Tanmay. I don't know why people are acting like we already won the treble. Unbelievable really.... @Jeroen it was the most important thing LOL "Don...
Don't jinx us!
Lol Please don't jinx us!
I don't know why he took out Neymar, when I saw Xavi I thought it was for Rakatic. And Suarez....why can't this man score a tap in to save his life?! If he had ...
We literally gave Sevilla a point! I'm so mad! Both of their goals could have been avoided and we played very lackadaisical in the second half.
The things people blame GKs for these days....
Yeah Busi is extremely important when he is on his game.
Yes, I know. A lot of people don't post as much anymore, it's good to see you guys though. You keep the feel of the Barca page alive. I think it would be grea...
It is good to see you posting again Ltm, I always like seeing some of our old buddies here :) Hope all is well with you in real life too? Perhaps we could get t...
I don't know, I'm sure none of the Chelsea players bring their wives around Terry. That brings up some deep trust issues which takes away from his leadership. W...
"He seems to be similar to Puyol, but dumbed down a bit. Or a lot." I'm not going to lie, I laughed at that last bit. Comparing Terry to Puyol is kind of ins...
Speak for yourself.
@Zilch I can understand your argument, but it is contradictory. It was only a couple of seasons ago I remember United fans laughing at Real Madrid because they...
Well, if they are the talent pool shouldn't other leagues buy from them a majority of the time instead of the other way around. What you are saying doesn't make...
EPL does not have a better talent pool. How can they have a better talent pool and they buy from everyone and their grandmother? What are you basing that on any...
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