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Good win guyz, team coordination looks great. lets continue this winning streak until end of this season. looks like Gervinho and ramsey r determined to prove a...
5 years ago
Completly agree. wenger is a gr8 manager
Words can't describe how proud im of lads, showed gr8 character. keep it up for rest of the season
Words can't describe how beautiful Barca Played, and no doubt Messi is the best. and this generation of football fans are so lucky to c him playing every day.
So funny to hear that william gallas s an underrated CB. hahhaha arsenal rejected!
Gud win liverpool, their quality of game s jst getting better and better
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That depends among whom u rank arsenl with. f u put Arsenal with same line as Barcelona, Madrid, Manu or munich, then Only five players should b playing for ars...
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Hi, I jst have one account, those two accounts belong to my two friends, as u can c they r follower of lfc and man city. but they log into same pc.
@ flitocious! U r ofcourse right that fans should get behind d team. but its not jst one match that they become impatient. they pay d highest price for a ticket...
Hi mate could you please tell me why you have 3 accounts? Footytube only allows one account per user so if you'd like to tell me which one you want to keep I'll...
Wel for vermaelan, I would only say, he s a liability to arsenal, considering his current form. but top of all what a ineffective leader He s. the man who suppo...
Hahahha, I dont need to be told by u, that who s gud n who s bad n my team. coz Im watching every single game for yrs. mertasacker goal was a luck as it also go...
There s no point to win ball and cant do any thing with it. thts why I also mentioned that His poor movement and lack of awareness, not gona help d team.
The only thing giroud can do s jump high for nuting. He s striker with no sense, poor movement, lack of sharpness, no focus, poor foot work list goes on and on....
Players like Ramsey, poldoski, giroud, gervinho, should b ashamed of taking their wages. I really feel sorry for players like cazorla, and specially wilshere, f...
Awful decision by ref..... EPL has very low standard of ref. s/thin need to b done to improve them.
6 years ago
U sound so stupid, at one hand u saying dat arsenal scores, bcoz of poor defending by milan and then u saying dat at end milan got so many chances and couldn't ...
I dont understand ppl keep saying dat Liverpool was unlucky and arsenal was lucky. wel they simply got so many chances and couldnt finish properly, and we just ...
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