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Lol..i make you from a rude person to cool,you must give me back my share as well:)
4 years ago
5 years ago
I felt like nani&welbeck both were fantastic up front..ok maybe i should have said "ONE" of our best players.
I still find it very shady that our best player of the night gets sent off in a debatable red card..losing does hurt but it's the way RM won the game that hurts...
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Ronaldo: "Manchester is my home and I owe them a lot." also SAF said ronaldo headed to the united dressing room to catch up with the guys, it isn't possible to...
Cubo has really taken a huge back step in his development and im sure it's because they pushed him into the first team with all this pressure to be the next chi...
The hobbit was a story for children, so obviously it's not gonna be anywhere near as deep as LOTR.
I kind of understand why he feels like that, when he played for chivas the fans didn't think he was good enough a lot of the time, the media called him a FLOP a...
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Just an's not only in football, it's alive In real life..every where.
Well just like i predicted, chelsea win. A mexican team wont ever win the world cup of's one thing to face south american teams but a different story ...
Yeah i think chelsea will win in my opinion..chelsea's defense will be strong in the back.
Yeah group A is deff the group of death but in confederations cup you can't hide from the big teams, it's a real chance to prove what we got, and a the biggest ...
Yeah ... Domestic Abuse Nor Rape is ever funny, so why should there be jokes about it again?.
I think we can take brazil and japan idk about italy.
Welp We decided to let go of the cruyff Project but Schip and his coaching staff will still be here?..although Vergara deciding to not continue with cruyff will...
IA pirlo was fantastic last season but it's hard not to recognize what a euro iniesta had, spain's brightest in that tournament honestly.
Chivas haven't said anything but apparently it's a done deal?..idk hopefully, this probably means marco fabian is out. sucks for pina but he never became the p...
Im so happy america flopped, there's no way i want them anywhere close to that 11th title.
I do miss ronny but it's unrealistic to think we could buy him back anytime soon, i'll always have the best memories of him..none like ronaldo,viva ronaldo!!!
Im rooting for toluca and leon ..if toluca wins this whole thing, cruz azul fans must really believe they are cursed then lol.
United are a possible draw for RM in the next round, i hope not...i want to see those suckers in the final, meeting them now would be wayy too early.
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