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Rooney with the overlapping sprint at the third goal and the assist for the fourth shows he's a top player.
You moron, did you see the forth goal, that's Barca trade mark play. It was anything but one man team action.
5 years ago
Donovan's 100% better than Dempsey. I've watched Donovan for Everton when he was there before and recently and he's got a much better football brain. More impor...
6 years ago
I agree with both of u Dutch boys. I've lived in England for 8 years and I learned 1 thing: it's a sin to be honest and criticise! I think Holland were the bett...
There was only one team who deserved to win that game though!
No matter what team he'd put out he still wouldn't win in my opinion. These are England's best players except few. I think Beckham is still good enough to be th...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I dont agree about Swansea. I believe they are playing entertaining football to watch with their possesion and it will slowly become more effective results-wise...
I think Gareth Bale is getting a bit cocky and maybe thinks he's better than he actually is. Maybe I'm wrong
Leiva you dont know what ur talking bout
I meet too many people like you on the football pitch. It's really frustrating when you can't get an adult who plays and watches football regularly to understan...
Xavi is a genius!
Not even that team can match them, they're above that!
7 years ago
Did it have anything to do with the performance of the referee? In the Eastern bloc they'd get beaten like gypsies!
Dempsey's a lazy f**k but good anticipation to get to the ball at corners, free kicks. Got that McBride attribute, if only he could work as hard and play as wel...
Yes the technique is just unbelievable, Messi passed that ball so accurately with style and so comfortably like it was on an old Fifa game and Keita's touch and...
Dempsey's an ordinary player and very selfish. Andy Johnson's done the hard work and send him the ball for Dempsey to tap in from the goal line and then he goes...
Ozil's just a quality player! Cristiano on top of the game as always, never disappoints!
Racing goalkeeper definitely man of the match!
Its a shame they conceded so late but that was poor defending. I think the defender on the front post should have tried to get it with more effort and there sho...
La Liga is definitely better than the Premier League. I thought this last season already but the more I watch La Liga the more I'm convinced about it and this i...
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