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Here are the highlights with the goals from today: https://vid.me/53p
1 week ago
Even if we switch up our backs, I'd still like it if we appealed the card. We can keep alive our streak of getting straight reds overturned on appeal...
What a ball from Kane to send him in
He had his hands up. I know it's hard to turn with your hands down, but they were up, and the ball hit them. It's absolutely a penalty. The red is absurd, thou...
We need to get some possession through the midfield. Calm the match down. We looked pretty good through the first 10-15 minutes, but we've barely had the ball s...
I didn't see a tinychat yet, so I created one. http://tinychat.com/dknwmc. I know last year we had a dedicated room, so if someone has that set up and running, ...
I cannot wait for tomorrow morning. COYS!
I haven't seen details on the loan yet. Where is he going?
2 weeks ago
Hearing rumors about DeAndre Yedlin. Could be super exciting as a backup to Walker and/or coming off the bench. He brought a lot of energy and pace to the USMNT...
3 weeks ago
I only saw the highlights, but I was loving the combination of Kane, Holtby, and Soldado. They've started looking really good going forward together.
It's official: https://twitter.com/SpursOfficial/status/494931985979432960
4 weeks ago
It was a great finish, but his crossing has been poor. Lots of balls sent way over the box.
1 month ago
Looking forward to seeing what Davies looks like in lilywhite. Glad he's able to start tonight.
I'm liking Davies really pushing down the left. It seems like we're really focusing down that side. Seeing a weakness, or just testing out what we can do with D...
4:45 AM local kickoff means only if we were playing for the title in the last match of the season. I'll probably stay away, then watch it later in the weekend.
4 months ago
Congrats Derp.
Wishing Swansea could have held on to their early lead, but at least they came back to get a point (and more importantly, take two off of Arsenal). Hearing that...
5 months ago
I spend some time on /r/coys over at reddit, but I tend to like what's going on here better. That group is a lot bigger, so the group isn't as tight as it is he...
FFS, Kaboom is hurt again? And now Jan, too? I really hope this is manager-code for "we're giving up on Europa", and not actually everyone being injured again.
Probably. I'm assuming someone will post it near the start of the match. I think it's been the same link every time, though.
9 months ago
10 months ago
12 months ago
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