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Everton played so well. loved the work martinez is doing at everton.
4 years ago
Though i agree with you with his speed, he does read the game extremely well and is rarely caught out with speed. this time, it was more that he didn't track th...
Roberto martinez is the manager i respect the most. he's honest and not totally blind to the truth. like tony pulis for instance, total douche bucket.
1st and 3rd goals are awesome.
You want that slight selfishness in a striker.
Gnabry and Theo are great up front. Rosicky, Carzorla and Wilshere make a great combo. Good depth in the team. Ramsay, Özil, Flamini on the bench as well, I li...
Footyusa - until then, bend over.
If theo walcott put more shots on target, it would've been 5-0. the scoreline doesn't look great, but considering spurs didn't trouble the gunners goal, the sco...
Covering his near post like any goal keeper would do. if he doesn't go early, he'll never get to the save in time. the problem isn't lloris, who is good, the pr...
Why are so many people saying arsenal were lucky? if dortmund put something on target they would've won. simple as that. when someone puts a shot off target, th...
I like Brendon Rodgers, he's honest and isn't total douche bad like Tony Pulis.
Giroud is AWESOME!!! strength in the air, strength on the groud. good finisher, gets in good positions, makes good runs, great hold up as you've mentioned. he's...
True but that's what a good cross does. it puts the defence under pressure and keeps the ball in a dangerous area. it may not have been a goal from the cross, b...
Don't forget arteta is and rosicky is in the squad as well.
Conceded ANOTHER bullsh!t penalty. that's why they showed 300 replays of the spot kick and 0 of the dive. ramsey so awesome. i must admit last year i couldn't ...
I'm an Arsenal fan and i'm happy to see van persie win a trophie. sure i would loved to see him stay with us at Arsenal but a player has to do what a player has...
Hughton's comments make no sense. is he reasoning that because the linesman is 40 yards away, he shouldn't make a call? even though it was correct? at what dist...
5 years ago
Put it this way, if the centre back didn't have giroud by the shirt and dragged him down, there would have been no penalty. also, how is it a disgraceful decis...
The commentators were saying that pen shouldn't have been given. WHAT DO THEIR EYES TELL THEM???? i don't how you can dispute that penalty.
Ox is terrible still. he did well on that particular assist to giroud, but before then, he just gets caught constantly. he is still young with potential of cour...
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