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No thanks, time to move on from the past and leave there, we got our future to look up to, not a guy looking for more money
10 months ago
We have got a excellent player on our hands we just a dm to give him the freedom so he can do what he does best
My point exactly but someone told me arsenal won't sell to a premiership team, which is ridiculous I am sure if we offered them 50 million they won't refuse it,...
Alexis Sanchez? Anyone why is anyone not discussing about him in the left wing, we can offer him money and champion league now
All I want is fabinho from that Monaco team, he is the perfect Carrick replacement
11 months ago
There is anyone watching the Liverpool game, if I can't beat them with the players we have got on Sunday, I am going to be mad, they are nothing special and the...
1 year ago
This is troll have seen his post about griezman too
I can see arsenal not champions league this season, I think it would be nice to tempt alexis away from them
Perfect performance morinho performance couldn't ask for more
Mkh t won't have. Missed that chance
Hopefully our players can adapt to it, wow I was impressed with 2010 inter Milan
Cos he pretend to be good but he just a side way dribbler
And the golden boy scored
Longliveunited1 thought the Manchester United v Leicester City match was dull
Maybe this will give martial an heads up
I love the team selection and good energetic midfields
So where was he the remain 90th minutes? You're defending who you cant defended,now conpare Henrikh Mkhitaryan performance with his
I bet mata get subbed off instead of rooney the social media is going crazy because of him
I am.sorry guys but rooney is holding us back i wishing he gets injured so other people better than him can play, why should we wish well when he is robbing the...
Why is everyone called daley blind weak? I just watched his video of last year twice, i don't think he get credit for what he does does for the team, for me i t...
What a pensioner
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2 years ago
Longliveunited1 thought the Manchester United v Liverpool match was good
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