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Hadi23 (Hadi Ali) from Southall, England
Hemu22 (Hemnath Rao) from Chennai, India
Iam addicted to football
Jamesearlgreen (James Earl)
Ka0sen (Didier Drogba) from Stockholm, Sweden
Maxwell (Maxwell Joel Gibson) from Keartons, St Vincent
Micky (Yaw O. Amankona) from Union, United States
I've been watching football science 2003 ____________________________________________________________ From the FIFA rules of the game its an offside when "a player in an offside ...
Nicolas13 (Nicholas Reilly)
Nimrod (ChelseaLover(L))
Pavlov9 (Steven Pavlov)
Raj (Samburaj Das) from Bangalore, India
Editing my profile , one box at a time.Easy going,lethargic one day,pseudo-crackhead the other. Hit me on skype : sambdas
RickTheGod (Richard James Smith) from Lincoln, England
Ronaldinho (SAIDINHO) from Rochester, Usa
Hi their i am a soccer fan and i am chelsea fan big time and so on my favorite national team is brazil hope they can win the world cup!!i also play soccer games such as fifa ...
Sante (Jason) from LONDON, UK
Senthil (Senthil Kumar) from Chennai, India
I was funny cool and sometimes be clever.i like chelsea very much from 12 yrs old.careless fellow, funny ,editing my profile whenever i get bored, giving slaps to younger bro's,moo ...
Traits me n I traits u back ^^
Thefc3 (Joker) from San Francisco, USA
Life is about enjoying yourself !!! even if they are rivals but they played better - let the best team win. Barcelona Liverpool or any team, I love that game like you never dream ...
Chelsea and
I just a guy who like to play football,
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