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I don't see how a chelsea fan, saying this with respect mate would back on manure rather then city? f**k off u idiot i hat everything manure, the 2 foot slide ...
6 years ago
Torres is fine, were lacking creative midfielders and our defense has been crap this season, everytime i see molouda on the team i see things going wrong! good...
Don't call me racist for this comment, but wtf is up with all the mexicans and manure nut hugging? seriously is your overrated chicharito? or what? Manure went...
Great game, the manchester teams goal difference is getting out of control, but we did play great, im so happy for sturridge.
So let me get this straight. teams like bolton try kiss fergie behind while letting in 5, great job.
I think is soo wrong playing bran_terry in high defensive line.. we were lucky that norwich had s**t striking team, any other day a liverpool or manure team w...
I fkn love the way manure fans always say " 2 teams from manchester " . FK OF YOUR CONFUSED FUKZ.. jog on you glory hunters. good job liverpools... you can ...
Please please focus on the champions league chelsea!! lets just ignore man citeh in europe and we'll be fine.
You got to love the media.. so far united are champions, and welback is the worldclass player!! @jonymac you get beat by the money bags when it matters, you w...
Worst chelsea performace to date, remind me of the september and scolari era!! wow!!
Same team team different manager, why is lampard starting? why da fk kolou does in training that keeps making chelsea managers put in starting lineups? Drogba...
I wonder if they'll use carrol like crouch, the knock down man!!
What a goal by agbonlahor, similar to torres goal vs chelsea last season.
You didnt have chance @ 5th last season, don't get to happy, kenny doglease liverpool is not that great wait till you go agAINST the mighty blues or the arabs ...
This was embarassing, seems like bruce just bends over in the derby games.
Wenger is some deep shiz, i mean come on arsenal fans, your seriously are waste of space in the top 4, you are nothing in europe and nothing in the league, anyo...
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