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Mushu (Brian Phillips) United States
Just a English-Korean soccer fanatic
Haha Idk what I should put in here. So I shall just say that I'm a student. Tell me if you guys have any suggestions for about what I should put in here!
I love to play football on the streets or on the field :) I find its the most relaxing part of the day :) Always do it before and after school with my self of my mates. I hate it w ...
I love football...My favorite teams are Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester united & Real madrid and my favorite players: Rooney, Defoe & C.Ronaldo. uragshaa Spurs!
Vika09 (Vishwanath Kaushik) from Coventry, United Kingdom
Wenrooney (Wen Rooney) Australia
If u r not a manc, u r a wank....
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