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Liverpooljunkie wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Haha what happened to quality control on footytube. smh
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Yeah, I was wondering about the same thing. Anyone?
Solid performance by Madrid. Mourinho is making them the powerhouse Chelsea used to be in the Premier League..Props!
6 years ago
Also CR7's spot kick was great accepted but seriously he scores the most generic and lucky Kaka's , Di Maria's and Callejon's goals were great, and a...
You were probably a fan of CR7 back when he was with man utd thats why..haha. but on a serious note Van Persie, Messi,Diego need more names..?? CR7 ...
Its old news Pepe and Materazzi are of the same blend. haha
Keep dreaming brother ..I think we played a city with david silva and yaya, and kompany in november itself, drew 1-1. haha and we did not have gerrard, bellamy ...
@Da Gaza don't even get me started with Real Madrid. the club with the most money and where every talent is f*****g wasted. What where you thinking buying Micha...
Also seems like Cali86 is secretly a City fan in the closet, comeout and stop disgracing Milan and the San Siro Fans, with your stupidity. Balotelli was taken o...
I think we played a city with yaya and silva, and without bellamy and gerrard in the premier league drawing 1-1 just few months back if I remember correctly. An...
Yess! now we need to take care of city at home, which shouldn't be that difficult at all. Where are the city fans now..Out of carling cup, almost out of FA Cup,...
Somewhere on FootyTube
No one said football was a gentleman's game. haha. That's why Zizou was sent off during the WC headbutting Matterazi, after he abused his sister. my point, yell...
Whatever eagerly awaiting the Liverpool-City fixture on the 11th. can't wait to set things right with city.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Haha. i don't care about suarez, never thrilled that he came to liverpool, but since we have him I mentioned that. And about Yaya man I have a lot of respect fo...
I have lost all respect for Yaya, he is a diver. there was no contact at all. Watch the replay City fans. also City do not be overjoyed with this win. I say enj...
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