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Just because of the potential CL qualification issue. Not because I'm just hating on City btw
2 days ago
Haha well I don't...
I say yes he should stay. But he honestly doesn't stand a chance unless he gets top two in the premier league because of people that think Manchester United has...
I would rather us go for someone in the 23-26 age range at this point...especially for that price. You can't build a team completely full of young kids
4 days ago
Any thoughts on Renato Sanches? I hate speculating on transfers and am more just curious about his quality. Edit: Didn't see that Dom just posted about him bel...
@Shiwa that's what happens when teams that aren't used to winning anything have one good season
5 days ago
Much rather of none of them. If you think they are the Manchester United quality that we need to get us where we want to go, then wow have times changed...
Won't know what we want the outcome of the Arsenal City game to be until it gets here. At this point a draw is always good but a win for whoever has more points...
1 week ago
Intentional is not the definition of a handball so your point is not valid. You guys still deserved to win, just saying it was clearly a handball
You also have to remember that is a sport and not take everything so personally. The reason that anyone supports a team is because they want to be proud of that...
@LyverBird you're right because nobody watches Liverpool play
The best thing about him in my opinion is that you can tell that he still has so much to learn. The fact that he has had the impact he is having while still loo...
Surely Liverpool will be relevant again sometime soon
Not one person feels bad for you
There are more positive posts here about Liverpool than there are about United
2 weeks ago
Rooney will come off the bench next game and if he proves that he can play at his pre injury form then he will retain his starting position
Haha ok. I can't wait to hear you guys all bitch and complain when all of our promising young players don't live up to their potentials in the next few season
I would rather not win any trophies next year than have Mourinho as our Manager. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a glory hunting fan "hoping" for instant tr...
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