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4 years ago
Messi the magician has performed his greatest trick ever, "THE DISAPPEARING ACT" as barca is deservingly crushed by the juggernaut, bayern munich.
Lincompoop nominated D. Ba (66') for Goal of the Week
Messi the magician will perform his greatest trick in BPL, THE DISAPPEARING ACT!
Good game for city, but the title is still no doubt ours to claim.
Trust me, barcelona will be crushed by the likes of real madrid again or even juventus. Hell, even psg can crush them. Don't judge them just because of one fant...
Well derserved win for real sociedad. suck it, barca gloryhunters!!!
What's kgb?
Go suck on it, you barca nerd...the point one gives a damn about the way football should be played...afterall, no matter how much possession is being ke...
6 years ago
England THRASHED spain...not just beaten them but humiliated them too.
All the barca fans can come up with is excuses after excuses...pathetic fools...
Its true uefa favour is clearly stated especially in the uefa 2009 btw barca and chelsea
That's bullshit, you are just giving excuses for barca...imo they deserve to lose
And now its time to put disgraceful Barca down...
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Cesc to manchester united would be the most appropriate....replacement for carrick/fletcher
AWESOME play by liverpool...hope it will be between pool and man u next yr :)
Torres joined chelsea and their hope + torre's hope of a champion league qualification is slipping through their fingers
Somewhere on FootyTube
What about the disallowed goal when the newcastle scored and it was clearly onside??? dstop blaming the ref...blame arsenal for their shitty attitude and shi...
Ref made bad decisions equally to both teams Bad mistakes made by both teams also cost them a win enough said...this game will be one of the best classico for...
Arsene must be fuming mad after the game...hehe...hope he doesnt burst his veins...
I'm not pissed about losing to the lowest team in the bpl...i'm pissed about losing the unbeaten streak...grrrrrrrr
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