Li0nel (Lionel Baumgartner) doesn't really understand, how ft works.
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Nathan (Nathan Foakes) from Bradford, England
Sarbeshrai (Sarbesh)
Been watching and supporting man u for nearly 25 years. ever since i was a little boy.
Sayuri (Sayuri) from Tokyo, Japan
Hi~! My name is Sayuri. I am a univercity student in Tokyo and I study English~ ^o^ I started watching football around the 2006 World Cup! I generally like watching Manchester U ...
Serg10 (Serg Arroyos) from R-town
Im all about soccer... I play it, I watch it, I coach it.. I love it. "Don't let your heads drop. We're Liverpool. You're playing for Liverpool. Don't forget that. You have to ...
Shanae (Shanae Sodhi) from Ottawa, Canada
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