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Not even 4 minutes and already such incorrect commentary: 3:10 toe poke - it was the outside of his boot not his toes... 3:36 push into the chest - it was a tri...
Utd's midfield are rubbish - IMO until we buy someone better, Moyes should play Rooney in the middle and play Kagawa just behind RVP. Rooney won't like this but...
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How about Rooney to midfield, Falcao/Lewandowski to partner RVP? I'd take young over Nani and Valencia, who have been poor this year.
5 years ago
Dortmund are playing the most attractive football in the world right now!
The only highlight of the game was aguero hitting on eva when she came to treat ramires. Boring game, but probably the best result for us
6 years ago
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Ashley young was an embarrassment but people should stop taking it all out on Manchester United. I've posted the link below where Gary Neville discusses it. Peo...
Interesting discussion by Gary neville on ashley young and other divers... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xq65vw_capture-1-16-04-2012-20-07_sport
I agree with KrazyKrunchy. Tevez is a great player but the disrepsect he showed to Man city shouldn't be forgotten for a few good performances. I think Man City...
It's not about beating every English team. I think everyone wants to see how well messi can adapt to a new league and team. Ibramovich in Barcelona, Shevchenko ...
Who do you think does deserve to win the EPL then? City who aren't a proper team? Manchester United's performance, especially in other competitions has been bel...
It wasn't tevez.. it was the new guy, pizaro or something
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Being angry for getting kicked out of the CL for unfair reasons isn't being a sore loser! Despite my dislike for chelsea, they deserved to go to the finals. The...
@taj123 1 point does count! Both teams could drop points before the derby.
It was a penalty that wasn't given. Carrick stuck his foot in from the left and didn't get any of the ball. However the ball did change direction (to the right)...
@Bilboy why can't you just take a compliment? there wasn't really any need to bring up that 8-2 drubbing. I hate it when people talk about city's drubbing of us...
Lol I was just about to post the same thing
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