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Elucari (Eric Lucari) United States
From Chicago, Illinois, United States.
I like to play football with freinds, i also like to play fifa on the 360 so if you want to add me EveryCactus
Fizzy07 (Fizl Fiz) from Kingston, Canada
Gerrard17 (Finn Sansom) from Nelson, NZ
Gerrardisgod (Steven Gerrard) US
Gooners (Chris Gogarty)
Hulanji14 (Farhan) from Seattle, USA
Izuuu (Izuchukwu) from Ontario, Canada
Jamesearlgreen (James Earl)
Karasaku (Nikorn)
Khaimet (Koppers) Cybertron
Support Liverpool since 8 years old. Lot of things may have change but nothing will change me for Liverpool cause i know I'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!! Respect, Love, Metal. I can cha ...
Kimaway17 (Daniel Taiwo)
Klepto2 (Steve Ochieng) US
Got speed skill and a desire to win every game. I won't make it to the pros but i'll play every game like it's my last
Hmmm, What can i say,,, I have been a Liverpool fan for 18-20 years, but i thing i have watch them about 12-15 years... In my young days, i played as an striker. ;o). Live in d ...
Lfcft (Peter Koo) Korea
Hi.. my korean name is Koo Ja Hyeon. i dnt live in Korea though... hmm.. i'm 14 years old. i mite be young but i'm a big fan of football. i love liverpool, they have a grre ...
Liverpooler (HeeSeop Yoon)
LTUKicker (Karolis Utopas) from Vilnius, Lithuania
Madder (Mahathir) from Cheras, Malaysia
Mannyochoa (Manny Naranjo) from Mission Viejo, USA
I switched academys from atlas 2 america very happy bout it
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