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Yea it makes me wonder if they are even real fans... I mean the NERVE to even still be mentioning Torres' name.
6 years ago
We'd gladly give him back to liverpool for FREE but i dont think Roman would be okay with that.
MOre so Ramires lack of finishing
Ramires' choking is becoming too habitual. And whydid AVB take out Didier out with 15 min left in the game? It really broke the momentum. Great game though -
Everyone, including chelsea fans needs to get off AVB nuts. Any real fan will agree that Frank will always be the heart of Chelsea; much like watching a game w/...
Have u seen barcelona's srubs even, it's a lil early for all that. He's got a little ways to go. But performed well!
Deserved? Hell this was do or die. & next weeks game is even scarier
Plz stop saying that name
Hate to see him go. But lets bring it home this year for didier...& the Bison, Frank, & terry.
Im not, he'd make a great DM sub. & i hate to say this bc you are a legend at Chelsea, but frank needs too have a seat more like the rest of vets. Thier are alo...
Baaaaaaaaa + AMeobi decided to do their reinactment that old contraversial Ronaldhino commercial.
The same way he's been doing....It's better that no one bring up it his name. Just forget him. You'll see it's better that way. Take a deep breath & just remove...
Love watching Marcelo & Ronaldo scoring in the same match! You can feel the excitement it brings to Bernebau on another level when those two score! It's almost ...
I wondering if anyone else caught that!
Ugh he played drogba instead of Torres. Sturridge plays on the wing
Some much bigger tests await us in the next few matches. Lets hope Torres will come out of shell shock in the match against Liverpool.
"are you a religious person?" lolol cuz it looks like ya need a prayer'-
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