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Yeah typical, he couldn't hit a potentially season saving sitter for us v blackburn and scores two crackers for villa.
6 years ago
Spartan! its just interesting seeing comments mirroring their knockout to us last year. "it was only our reserves" "we don't care about this trophy" whereas if ...
Wow that is laughable coming from a Manc. Lucky, really? How many times do Manure get off the hook from a late winner or own goal (See last night v Sunderland i...
Good to see them doing well, just sad that for Parker it is with Spurs (n)
We really missed parker out there, I hope he goes to a big club next year and not Tottscum, Freddy Sears was unreal, Gabbs and Spex played their hearts out. Its...
7 years ago
Yep, gloryhunters galore, i don't know why i'm being called a sore loser, i admitted there was bad calls for both sides and united thoroughly deserved the point...
Wow, so many things I want to say. Yes, we were horrible in the second half. Upsons penalty was a joke, there is a difference between ball to arm and arm to bal...
The same old excuses get trotted out from these 'superstar clubs' "we didn't have our full squad " rahrahrah. Same deal as when the Hammers beat United. Tottenh...
Mate, green is a class keeper, might be a little past his prime but more than once this season he's kept us in it
I think the memory of newcastle kept me watching as well. just goes to show...our team does have quality and character. so much respect gained for cole for cred...
:D what a game Newcastle, what a game.
Nah mate, two handed pushed in the back, face facts Le'Arse got done! Up NEWCASTLE!
Now we just have to stay up and then we can keep them ;)
Yeah its not quite always mate... plus, the situation you refer to is known as the great escape...which is why tevez is an UP hero still, you can try and spit i...
Just make sure you roll Arsenal and Chelsea ;) 3 POINTS, COYI!
Lovely to see a sensible, respectful comment from a manc, two of them no less, bravo lads, good luck in the league
I think hes mad bro >_
This guy is just a typical man u sore loser, cant let us have our glory
Like we've said you ignorant twat, hardly the full squad, parker had a chest infection btw- on the bench yes, but hardly likely to play unless in an emergency.....
Gabbidon and jacobsen have started nearly every game this season in CB and WB positions. Piqs has started nearly every game partnered with Obinna up front or in...
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