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4 years ago
Japan played decent, but Brazil is on another level. They are the team to beat this coming World Cup. If they lose though...expect a huge backlash on their pla...
I must say things have looked so shaky at the beginning of the season, but again, in Arsene we trust, and that trust has already paid dividends. The gunners are...
6 years ago
Orient's manager seems like a real nice and polite guy, I especially like his comment where he said if his side plays against teams like arsenal week in and wee...
7 years ago
I only have ONE thing to say to all those Barca fans WHO HAVE DISSED Arsenal only a few weeks ago. SUCK ON THAT YOU f****n GLORY SEEKERS! How you like us now h...
Not meaning to diss ya, it's a great vid and all with great skills...but it really is one thing to do all of these in training and with nobody around, and perfo...
Sorry gattuso, I never liked you as much as I love AC Milan. Spurs played absolutely fantastic football, even in the absence of Bale. White Hart Lane including...
Hahah sorry but I gotta agree with the ManU supporter here... and actually, Australia is such a f****n backwards country that actually...THEY are more likely t...
Nolan WAS yellow-carded, in case you missed it. Diaby isn't too bad, but admittedly, a much much better player can be found. Squillaci is a useless old man ri...
At least some ground is covered. With a point we at least cut the gap down to 4 points instead of 5. Every single result counts for us this point on.
And this is why Barca supporters nowadays are just as annoying as ManU supporters of yester-year. All, motherfucking, glory seekers. Yes, ManU drew, just as we...
1) agreed, EPL always has harsh decisions, the only thing making this league exciting is the fact that all refs are senile. Arsenal has also been victims for wr...
Hahah I love it how this masterboy fool doesn't reply after scholes is mentioned. idiot...think before you talk.
Yeah but now the gap has been cut down to 4 points. Loss vs draw...hmm...we'll take the draw thanks.
Filthy? maybe your mind is somewhere in the clouds buddy. Just because ONE of our player's got sent off doesn't mean the entire club is filthy. I would be so k...
...instead of United's lost to Wolves? Good save. But yes fine, immature we are, but I guess all thing's given, it was an exciting match but a point is a point....
You know I would have actually done this amicably with you, but for someone who made an account the same day of this match and to post something like this, well...
Hey asshole, yeah, that's right, I'm referring to you as THE asshole. we're not trying to copy your dear barca, if you CAN remember using that stupid empty hea...
Nani is real funny...first he screws up a CERTAIN Ronaldo goal cause I think he wanted the credit, and then he attempts a lob when he was wide open but fails......
Damnit bale, why are you so good? ryan giggs should be tearing right now, he knows this kid was better than him when he was at that age.
With the firepower milan have I really expected better from them. Then again this is Mourinho we're talking about. Any team who he coaches should be renamed aft...
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