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Playing Basketball,Football, Soccer, and I love video games.
Blind Refs!!!
I'll blend in with the crowd, because I like doing everything, and I can talk about anything and understand what I'm saying. I can speak English, Spanish, and Part-Catalan(I'm learning so that one day I go over there I can ask for Barcelona tickets and say hello to other Catalans in the city.)
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So if Alexis is out, then is Pedro in?
6 years ago
Brilliant vid.
Thanks for the add mate :P and welcome to footytube since i can see you're relatively a new member :D have fun hope you enjoy and stay out of trouble :P have a ...
Uh we have so much removed comments. What did I miss??? O.o
Um i kind of want to see what happens 10 years from now when that kid looks at this video :P
You know I'm really happy that Athletic Bilbao is really making a run for the Europa League title. And the Copa Del Rey Final that we have against them may turn...
100% Big Bang Theory :)
Im pretty sure you guys have seen this video before, but before right now this was the first time I watched it. In my opinion the best Lionel Messi video I had ...
But Real will have a tougher road than Barca.Real Madrid:Osasuna(Away), Valencia(Home), Athletico(Away), Barcelona(Away), Sevilla(Home), and Bilbao(Away). Barce...
We need one more team to trip up Madrid with not a draw, but a lose. If any team other than Barca can do it, we may still have the opportunity to defend our Spa...
Leo oh Leo, what else can you say that hasn't been said about him? He's out of this world, and what a blessing we live in the generation Lionel Messi. I don't c...
After the the UCL draws last week, if Barca were to make the Final, one thing came to mind. Would we rather play against our wonderful caring friends Real Madri...
Madrid have no answer for the boulgrana. You can keep trying and keep failing for all we care. You guys can keep trying to take out our players every clasico, b...
Man we needed that madrid fall so badly... And refs didn't give a s*** and screwed us...
Was that not a hand ball against Ramos??? That may be the league right there. Maybe fifa should look in to video replay because that was a horrible no call. >:(
I feel so loved, I think I'm gonna like this place :D
Thanks for the advice bro, i'll make sure to contribute to the best of my abilities :D
My first time on footytube, and I don't know what to say. VISCA BARCA!!! Maybe that might get me settled in with you guys.
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