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They made it s**t. Their fans and their play was disruptive.
2 months ago
At least Deulofeu doesn't seem to be a selfish cu*t he used to be.
4 months ago
He will score 50+ goals this season too. Many players came and went, the GOAT is still there doing his usual stuff.
5 is enough Hikmat. I am old, don't need too much to fuel my ego.
8 months ago
Hikmat, you were like what 4 years old when he was playing last time at Barca?
He is losing his lord status at an alarming rate.
9 months ago
Enrique has an ego problem. He doesn't want to be proven wrong.
Say only good things about Neymar. He created 2 goals.
10 months ago
Hikmat is a wannabe adult. He pretends to be an adult and talks like an adult as much as possible but when things don't go his way he shows his true age.
Armchair tactician Optajose should take over ManU's charge from Mouy then his club might do better than being at sixth position.
It takes square ass to s**t a brick. - Confucius
I think Suarez got his lesson from lord Ashley Young acting Academy, Manchester. It was when he was in Liverpool. It was just an hour away on car.
That feeling when you know you are again in for another treble.
Low gravity is an excuse. There are plenty of professional players with even lower gravity than Leo has. You need Messi's intelligence. Did you see how he bambo...
Wenger is a great manager and a person. 'Pathetic' is the word I would never use to associate him with. Wenger's Arsenal plays beautiful football. But, the tea...
11 months ago
People tell me, Enrique got us the treble so I should not be ungrateful to him. But, He was never the reason we got the treble. You could have replaced him wi...
You think you can keep up your motivation all the time with that limp sh*t midfield? It is frustrating for us, frustrating for forwards.
With our front three, scoring 4 goals is possible even against the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern. But with the same clueless midfield, we will have our defens...
Enrique out!! This fraud tactician has ruined Barca. The best midfield in the world has turned into one of the worst in Europe. Arsenal, Chelsea, City, Bayern,...
Neymar most have thought why he didn't join PSG and earn twice the money he gets now when he was the only one trying in the game from Barca.
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