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Silly boy Hikmat, Don't make me complain to your mummy.
Hikmat, in 2009, you were 8 years old, I was 19. When I got to grade 3, I was finally able to use pen instead of pencil. I thought I had finally become an adul...
Come on Jeroen, I have tried to explain same thing 300th time now. But once again: No it is not the fact we are out of CL that bothers me, it is the fashion in ...
39 games unbeaten is the reason we failed so spectacularly in CL. It is because the coach was too afraid take risks even against the likes of Leganes and played...
Of course it is about standard. right? It is a failure for a person if he has to start flying on an economy class when he was always able to travel on business...
Oddshot, again you said a sensational thing just to get likes. You know you can still lose the league even with an invincible season? It might be hard to do bu...
Taking context out of it to get likes? Invincible season is nothing. You can win a league losing few matches. We could have lost 4 matches and drew 1 and still...
How have you come up with 70, 20 and 10? When another team is playing too physical and hoofball, what should you do? Dribble near weakest players in their def...
Calm down for now. We will riot if he doesn't quit at the end of the season.
I would not be overreacting if we lost trying like City. Mod edit
Unzue would do wonder. He just needs a chance. He is a real tactician from what I have seen, read and heard. Sampaoli and Tuchel can be great too. Let's do th...
2 weeks ago
What will stay in the memory is bottling 4-1 lead. For Barcelona that is a stain that cannot be washed.
I am all for Messi to go to Man city. I really hope this happens this summer. He did enough for Barca. We will be eternally grateful. But now, If I was him I wo...
Hikmat, I try to be reasonable with everyone. Don't hold grudge against me because I exposed your stupidity sometimes ago.
Bayern is s**t as well. 0 - 0 in their own home ground. I root for Liverpool. Only team that is actually playing good football and winning.
I would not been pleased even if Real had lost. I don't care what happens to them now. The way Barca lost yesterday was the worst loss I ever witnessed.
You know what happens in injury time.
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The DNA of Barcelona has died already in many sense and soon there will be final nails on the coffin. Iniesta is leaving. Soon Pique, Messi and Busquets will ca...
He has no clue how to remain competitive in all three competitions. Messi bailed Valverede's ass as long as he could but he and the other main players simply bu...
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