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I don't expect Mou to do Pelle any favours lol
16 hours ago
I doubt Chelsea will beat Liverpool, no offence. They won't have Cech or Terry, both rocks at the back, and with Liverpool scoring so freely, doubt they can pul...
That slide by Sakho wow..
4 days ago
So I've heard news that Dzeko is set to be offered a new contract. To me personally, I think that's great news. He has been consistent and without him, we would...
6 days ago
I wonder how Dzeko feels. He's been playing so well and then suddenly when Aguero is back, he's being replaced by Negredo. God I feel for him man. You must ad...
1 week ago
Legit, anyone but Kompany. Could see how gutted he was. But I'm gonna steal an all too well remembered quote.. 'This is football.' - RM
Had my heart in my mouth when that was happening. God damn it why couldn't he have longer legs :(
I feel you bro :(
Was too upset to comment after the game last night, but I've gotta say it now. You guys were untouchable the first half, and we were great for periods in the se...
Congratulations on the win, you guys were untouchable in the first half! Thanks for the great game, both sides showed how dangerous they can be when at their be...
City Till I Die!
2 weeks ago
You guys were amazing. Massive respect for taking the game to Madrid and almost advancing. Hopefully you'll win some silverware this season!
Does anyone here want Micah to leave? I honestly think that in our title winning year he was the best RB in the league. He would bomb down the right like a beas...
Hoping for a cracker of a match on Sunday! To be honest I've got my money on you guys, you've played very well against every top table team this season. Nonethe...
It'll be a 2-1 either way!
^Agreed with SilvaMaestro haha
Dzeko was fantastic yesterday. Hope he keeps it up!
So apparently Aguero WILL be back for the Pool game?! http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2014/04/04/4730700/aguero-to-return-for-manchester-cit...
:( Such sad news. He was amazing last season, had high hopes for him at the WC. Sad that we won't be seeing him. Hopeflly he comes back stronger than before!...
3 weeks ago
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