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Yeah I think they call the linesman 'assistant referees'
1 month ago
Where did you get this from hahahah
First game in 7 hours lads, 3-0 our way!
Saw that, can't wait for WC!!
2 months ago
So apparently Yaya has said 'it would be an honour to join PSG'. Seriously, all this started over a 'failure to celebrate his birthday'. How old is he? 12? Yaya...
I'm rooting for Belgium and Australia cause its my home country, but we're not gonna get very far (Our group consists of Chile, Spain and Netherlands). Gotta ad...
It's a real shocker considering this is the second time Nasri has missed out on a WC. I honestly don't know what else he could have done to make the squad. Evra...
It was definitely a bit nervy to watch. Then again, of course it would be a scrappy game, due to the pressure, I'm sure the players felt it more than anyone. Bu...
I wanna see the trophy ceremony, anyone have a link ? :(
CHAMPIONS! What a season boys. It was a tough one but once again it's gone down to the final day. Congrats to the lads, never stopped playing, even at 2-0. CTID...
Fernandinho is in the WC squad !!!! YES !! Fully deserved it. Has been our buy of the season IMO.
What a read. Great to see the insight of a Liverpool fan. This season has created a mutual respect between our two sets of supporters, may it long continue.
And he had lesser games than them. What a beast.
Great to hear you're doing well mate, good on ya! Happy birthday by the way, and may City deliver you the ultimate belated birthday gift =P
I don't mean to be rude but how could you say they should have 'put more effort'? Were we watching the same game here .. They had us penned in our box for the l...
3 months ago
4 months ago
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