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Evans should be banned for the rest of the season for that tackle! I hope holdens career isn't done, what a shame!
3 years ago
Someone needs to teach ngog how to finish.
Yes went full 90
Did rooney's goal crash footytube?
LOL they even left the shankly gates on it. What a FAIL.
Cesc.. is that you?
Looks like we're getting carrol. just got a message from on fb
Hands OFF!!!
Funny how every week there are huge calls that always help man u. Not man u's fault though. They played great but blackpool were better and deserved the points.
Someone explain the difference between rafael's tackle today and gerrard's the otherday.... Man u get the most pampering by the refs its ridiculous. Just a few ...
When two players go up for the ball and one comes down on his head, how is that not a foul? kelly jumped straight up, and anichebe jumped into him. Clear foul.
Should have been a goal kick for goal 1, and kelly was fouled on goal 2. liverpool looked better today, but are still unlucky.
Howard Webb ruined this game, twice.
Man u gets away with what should have been a penalty. surprise surprise.
Wow it felt like they were trying to get Roy sacked tonight. Their passing was horrible. ive never seen a team give up the ball so cheaply so many times. Any te...
Merry xmas y'all
You'll never see rm do this because as soon as the ball got to ronaldo he'd try and do it all himself, and lose it.
Yer just jealous. If you were a cerebral dictator with chameleon eyes you'd understand how brilliant this commentary is.
Always love to see a team get an equalizer and run the ball back only to get scored on immediately.
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