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Born and raised in Mainz, Germany- now living in the USA. Massive supporter of Manchester United, Germany, Mainz 05, and US... but most importantly a huge supporter of great football (regardless of who is playing it), and great footballers (regardless of their side). I am also starting to enjoy the MLS for the first time ever this season.
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So are we getting 50 or 100 million in transfer money? Different sites are reporting a different amount. Also, Rooney is either getting 150k or 250k a week, de...
7 years ago
Http:// Read that and you'll sleep peacefully. Love, SAF
Bastos. Bale. Lahm.
But then the only responses I get are from Liverpool and City trolls!
Also, NANI is SOOOO good right?! I mean really, he's unbelievable.
I feel like we should have sold Rooney months ago- when his valuation was massively inflated and the transfer market was still wide open. Rooney had developed s...
Carrick can probably go, but I agree with @Jsrohrbaugh; Hernandez should stay. I don't care much for Benzema at all, but I can't think of many other viable opti...
I'm confused about all this.... do you watch football?
8 years ago
Excellent work by the red devils =]
We've got this mates. 2 more goals guaranteed. =]
This is revenge mates. I knew we should have stopped making our jokes long ago. =P
Manchester United have had the pleasure of being winners for three seasons now, so I suppose we aren't as ready to fight for our pride, so to speak. I can remem...
Thank you mates. now I am cool. I can rest well. =P
Who? Also, I wanted to note that I commend Sir Alex for his lack of spending this summer. God knows that he's a smarter manager than I am on PES or FIFA. =P Ye...
I'm also bloomin mad for writing an essay on footytube. Sorry folks.
Sometimes I get comments about my stances on other clubs, but I feel that I come from a pretty fair minded position. I love Manchester United, and have since I ...
Chelsea is an incredible team, and sadly, United are hardly going to come close to winning the Treble anytime soon. I hate to say it, I do very much bleed red, ...
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