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Lavalamp gave the Top 100 Goals of the Season 2015/16 video a rating of 5
1 year ago
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Questionable officiating.... i hope atletico continues challenging in la liga so it's no longer a two horse race.
"Unlucky" should be added as an option for performance! I'm happy to see Bale continuing to roll. He was super fun to watch w/ Spurs last year.
So many issues for Mexico.. How lucky that the US ended up winning at the last gasp. Even if they beat New Zealand (honestly, I don't think they have the co...
RVP Rooney Kagawa Fellaini Carrick Welbeck Evra Vidic Ferdinand Rafael Rotat...
Anyone else dislike Robben as much as I do? I could tolerate it before when he impacted the game often. These days it seems all he likes to do it whine about ev...
5 years ago
You should learn to enjoy football for what it offers.... Each league has something different to offer and if you don't like certain leagues then consider not...
6 years ago
Wigan's good form has finally been paying off (though I wasn't exactly happy when they outplayed Manchester)
Nice goal Giggsy, a little help from deflection but nice nonetheless :)
1. How did the ref not call the foul on DiMaria?? His planting foot was CLEARLY kicked from underneath him. 2. Maybe Jesus smited DiMaria from above and that'...
Incredibly tough call. my vote is for busquets.... less talented, bigger instigator.
Glad to see Pumas come back after last week's defeat.
Superbly clinical Cavani!
Technically torres beat degea and just had a little tap tap taparoo :P
Thumbs down...
Http:// For 140k Jaqua will give you: 1 assist For 42k Rosales will give you...
Butthurt = keller after swatting the ball into his own goal last game :P
I wish there was an "Unlucky" button I could vote for.
Slightly unrelated but.... I wish Manchester would have acquired Sneijder.
What a game! Some great football to watch. Barcelona has been in incredible form. I didn't give Arsenal any chance, and after watching 3 minutes of the extend...
7 years ago
Yup, rooney just slapped the crap out of him. awesome. fun highlights! good goalkeeping. can't wait for the arsenal game.
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