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Are you listening to these fools end to end where are you living when real and barca play oh I forgot your to stuck to watching EPL end to end my ass when barca...
6 years ago
I wanna see if chelsea attack arsenal if chelsea have more than 3 shots against arsenal and dont pack the boss then ill know chelsea is just a weak side I hope ...
If all you guys are happy about this performance all I think about english football is correct well i understand when you see ppl like iniesta xavi messi on the...
Cesc I never liked him too slow and to think i was gonna compare iniesta to fab at one time no chance on earth now and as for alexis i can forgive him he has sh...
Hey and by the way when inter beat us we were well beaten they beat us 3 1 and mind you they didnt need 9 ppl behind the ball and chelsea fan here that can tell...
Ehhhmmm Im sorry theres something called pride when playing how can play at home like you are an away team this is really pissing me off just yall shut up till ...
I am sorry but this kind of win does not speak well of the game you pitch is small the grass is too long with all the money you have I am disappointed with the ...
Back four are you kidding me thats more like back 8 even when we lost to getafe and drew with sporting they out up more of a fight in their home than what chels...
I think guardiola should loan pedro and get bojan back and fabrepass should learn from the bench I can forgive alexis he has proven himself as for chelsea I hav...
Pls pls pls people stats speaks for its self have a look at it then start talkinng kk
7 years ago
All i hear is mou mou mou why didnt he play normal footy he played again lyon tottenham and ac milan y would he use 7 defenders if he aint scared to death of ba...
Thanks you soooo much all these madrid fans screaming here obviously didnt witness the real galacticos with R9 carlos zidane becks they never ever ever ever eve...
Emmmmm excuse me but if kaka plays then u dont have 7 defenders playing for u u get beaten 5 0 again
What offside he legs where in line with the defenders only his head was a fraction off the defender and thats offside please
Score line please how many times did messi go down looking for a foul when being tackled dont forget one person marks ronaldo 3 or 4 tackle messi at once and he...
Great game both teams were unlucky not to score more goals and messi definitely played better than ronaldo messi was involved in akk barca plays althought he lo...
Real madrid have to play barcelona 4 times my prediction real 1 barca 1 (league game) barca 3 real 1 cup final real2 barca 2 first league barca 2 real 0 secon...
Im sorry lads but if captain fantastic comes to barca he is going to have a hard time dealing with tiago. Thiago made most passes (136) and controlled the middl...
Mourinho packed the bus at camp nou with madrid and collected 5 lol
How can a team justify loosing when they didnt have a shot on goal the entire game didnt even have a shot off target thats how bad it was and these ppls are sti...
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