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With that much money they eventually had to get something right, right? lol Aguero is a monster, VERY excited for the Manchester derbies this year, they all see...
6 years ago
Haters will hate but lets be real: Real-Barca Important Stats Shots 17-6 Shots on goal 8-2 Possession 40-60 Saves 0-6 Even with less possession time wise, Real...
Haters will hate but lets be real: Nani had two clear cut chances to score in the first half that he missed which was lucky for West Brom so I wouldn't be so fa...
No whistle no problem baby yeah!! Gomes FTL btw What does the crowd chant after the Nani goal at 10:17?
7 years ago
Screw goal of the week goal of the month!!
Less chemistry than city and they have a new squad every few months
Bahahahaha chicharito is just so good at making epic goals! Good to see berbie is gettin his confidence back, can't wait for the new season!!
This is why players like henry, beckham, ljunberg etc need to keep coming to the states and educate people on the art of soccer. Btw this news crew is fox loca...
Obviously their coach was retarded. He kicked Trezequet off after missing a penalty(long time ago but still dumb), kicked anelka off for speaking his mind, and...
I now understand what it is like to be blind
This whole Barca wants cesc business is really pissing me off... They just added Villa to their line up and only lost yaya(who already lost his spot to busquets...
Shoulda showed riera more respect, coulda used him over the other 2 for sure
8 years ago
I think it would be a great idea, maybe not 4-7 since the 4th place team probably worked a lot harder than the 7th. I think 5th and 6th duking it out for a sho...
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