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Mejay (Xisca Jaume) from Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Me? well, I am nice to those nice, kind to those kind, conversationalist. FC BARCELONA ( 4-3-3 ) ______________________VALDES_____________________ ___ ...
Motg79 (Tom) from London, England
Just stumbled upon this site and looks fun so thought I'd sign up and support the boys in blue and white.
Film Director, Screenwriter, blerd (black nerd) & Humanist
Pansylove (Arika) from Chi-city!
Senthil (Senthil Kumar) from Chennai, India
I was funny cool and sometimes be clever.i like chelsea very much from 12 yrs old.careless fellow, funny ,editing my profile whenever i get bored, giving slaps to younger bro's,moo ...
Stoley (T.V)
Thechiapet (Capt. Amazing)
Whmermaid (Nora) from Seattle
ZIDANE0510 (Chuseong Cheong) from Tokyo, Japan
Kick4Life - changing lives through football