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5 years ago
This is exactly why the premier league is the best league in the world. what a comeback!
6 years ago
Hey mafnoood, when was your last premier league title? oh ok. champions league? oh ok.
I want nothing more than for liverpool to destroy city in the semi
To all you haters, see you in May with the premier/champions league double under our belt.
Let me make it easy for all of you.. 1. Rooney 2. The rest of the world.
Rooney made a mistake, but it shouldn't totally negate how big a part he has played in england getting to where they are. not defending his mistake, but still.....
Anyone notice how well drogba played..
Rooneyless united can be so ordinary sometimes :(
As much as i hate to admit it, we really do play on a whole nother level when rooney's in the team. he's essential to our success this season
Dude, me neither. i honestly think we can take you guys this season if rooney stays healthy.
You know how because you're a fan of a team, you just automatically say your team's the best in the world? Thing is i actually believe it with this united team....
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