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Jogador80 Well its obvious you didn't watch the game or you must be really retarded to think Real was better before the red card.
1 year ago
Manchester United are the greatest comeback team ever!
Has anyone noticed Virgin Islands goal difference. WOW -38 for 6 games. Do they only have 5 year olds on their team.
Congrats Chelsea. That was an AMAZING performance to watch. I was rooting for Madrid to win Champions League. But after that performance, I wish chelsea the ...
2 years ago
Maybe "Detester" lol. This way these kids can learn a new word. For example the reply to the comment above @Omarinho10 says. "Detesters gonna destest. Enoug...
It's amazing how many comments here begin with the word "hater" lol. I think it shouldn't be aloud on footytube There are too many dumb kids on footytube. We...
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