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Lol yupp Bloom is killing it on the whatsapp group :D
4 hours ago
EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea to offer Nemanja Matic BUMPER new £4.8m deal!! Gre...
A reminder for those who were asking for a footytube CFC (Whatsapp) Group. Its getting bigger, but it got bigger than I thought, so its no more called "Footytub...
14 hours ago
@SaucyMann11 I think its a mix of both. Bad defense and great dribblers. Imagine if Hazard or Messi were in the bundesliga? #Fielddayeveryday#, @MSNforce, you s...
15 hours ago
Lionel Messi is Europe's top dribbler with Chelsea star Eden Hazard not far behind, but Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't make top 20! Admin mode please embed this pi...
17 hours ago
Ikr!? :(
1 day ago
Cahill isn't having a great game. Unmarked Sakho twice, lucky we didn't concede any goals yet. Lets hope we can score 1 more goal and kill the game in the 2nd h...
@Tomikato, True mate, and thanx for the advice, don't worry, drinking and driving won't be on my vocab for quiet a long while (Restricted areas, house only) :D
Loooool! Welcome aboard bro! Done all but the waking up in train yards, I have a feeling the naked part is coming soon tho lol And I thought I was the only one ...
@Zilch haha tell me bro :)
2 days ago
@fightillyoufall, champions league 2012 final, broke my HD Tv, (Didn't mean it) (Repaid for it tho).... Don't judge me bro lol
@LUKAKUTA78, Were you trying to be funny or was that a direct insult aimed at me...? If its the 1rst option (LOL) If its the 2nd option, which I strongly belie...
Hey guys hope you all are ok?? Well I havent posted on here since the week of the final, 2 days actually if I am precisely exact. I had a hangover at a bar wi...
Lol Well am asking because from what am seeing, he is the weakest link in the game, and for such high fee? Anyways... -_-
5 days ago
How much did Liverpool pay for Lovren again?? Such a joke smh
Hey man, so the website is called He usually streams many games. Just have to click on the game you wanna watch and it will take you to a page wit...
1 week ago
To all the people saying we got the deal because of our "Sugar Daddy" Roman, and saying it's all because of the money..then explain Man City have no significant...
Hey bro wutsup? Saw your comment about free streams on sky sports and btv. Could you please send them straight on my wall? Thanks!
Great business from the lads!! :)
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