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Jason Sudeikis does a job on Tottenham Hotspur
7 months ago
SOmalian. and no, he's of Ethiopian descent. Zelalem was born in Germany, of Ethiopian parents, who now reside in America.
8 months ago
Go Arsenal
9 months ago
Yall are so clueless. «NEGRO», which is the term that was uttered by Suarez to Evra, is at its root simply the spanish word for the colour black. In south ame...
As in deuce bigalow, LA's male gigolo. cuz deuce higalo scores in more ways than one
1 year ago
Huh.. 20 some shots? 10 at least on targer? as far as breaking down defences go, we fared pretty well i think. granted, it only matters when theres a finish at ...
I dont blame wenger, or any specific player for that matter. performance wise i think we gave it our all and we played good, positive football. we were unlucky ...
Haha whatever. its just a penis.
"chin chimeny chin chimeny chin chim cheroo, who needs Van persie when youve got Giroud."
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