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Ghana Vs. Mali
Labeans nominated David Silva (69') for Goal of the Week
Labeans nominated S. Gerrard (66') for Goal of the Week
Labeans nominated L. Messi (27') for Goal of the Week
Labeans nominated J. Milner (21') for Goal of the Week
Yes, you're talking about Man utd, not Barcelona. :)
Nice to see west brom winning again.
An early Christmas gift, thank you Chelsea! It's not too late to push for relegation(if that's not too much to ask)
An early Christmas present for me, thank you juve.
David Luiz usually doesn't make such silly mistakes....on FIFA. That guy is a liability.
For what? For going down after a challenge like that. You're f*****g pathetic.
David Villa
Yh, keep it up ;)
Pedro dives? That's nice to know...
" All their goals were faults of the Honduran defense" Uh, no s**t Sherlock!
Pot calling kettle black...
When a team is willing to "park the bus" from the get-go the game is bound to be boring. I'm glad France lost.
Arsenal buying a young player(for a probably high price) Not going to happen.
Drogba gets one chance and scores, great player, great manager, great t...*heart attack* On a more serious note, congrats, you converted your chances and that w...
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
He's stayed 8 years now without winning a thing. People like you are the reason I find it hard to feel bad for Arsenal. You actually said you hope he gets inj...
Fabregas is waiting for you ;).
The Nasri hate is the reason I wanted Arsenal to loose today, their fans seem to think they own the players. Regardless, congratulations to city on the win, tha...
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