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Lol ever team dives their is at least one on every team.. FACT i really dont think many can disputy this casue their is one everywhere. rooney hassels the ref ...
6 years ago
Dude they draw/loss to Barc one of if not the best team out their right now and Man U lost to newcastle and Blackburn... we have a lot mroe to worry about
Aldrodo ur a dumbass we qualified we just didnt make it out of the group stage. their is a difference. and CR7 would do better in the Prem under SAF then he wil...
I agree with adnanmessi but i dont think he knows what fouls are... y dont u watch someold Man U- Liverpool games then see what real fouls are
Ozil and messi players of the game, glad to see messi give some payback to pepe. now diarra should have been sent off, ramos though it was harsh the rules do st...
But they didnt socre 6,7, or 8 so you point is dumb as for ramos vs. maicon i would take ramos any day. best in the world at his position, maicon wouldnt fit RM...
Best at? being physical or being an idiot?
Currently i dont think madrid has any right to talk about spirit of football. this is the first time in a while yall have played a clean game vs barca
Celebrate yes but where is the tought for improvement? yall palyed a great and from what people are saying clean game this time. but playing a clean game and ti...
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No one is playing god, he kicked him plain and simple, his reputation dont help him any so he jsut has to live with it and sit on the bench and STFU. if he kept...
Hahaha http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/balotelli-agent-in-referee-warning if he does what that ^ says then i would be way to happy... what an idiot
Lol Passion + temper = Rooney Idiot + Temper + sedistic mind = Pepe rooney had (havent seen to many out burst like earlie on) a problem and has fixed it und...
Pepe should have been sent off. it would be a crime if they let him play in the 2nd leg. I believe that (fabio? or carvalho? who ever did the late tackle in sto...
Dont forget Marcelo on Fab
Anyone else notice that Luiz on the last goal just stopped and walked back? damn even if it is clear on goal you still sprint like hell back
If he reacts then he is off sides when the 2ed ball in is played, some of the more physical players will jsut move one and be like well if the refs didnt call i...
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I have to agree here. He should have been sent off (Drogba did a tackle very similar and was a stright red).
I thought their should have been two red's for both the tackles on long (yellows) and then the stright red which i do think was a red jsut by the way his body a...
The side ref saw it and called it. shoot even i saw the tackle which is where the side ref needs to be looking (or near enough to the last man)
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Here standing tall, fingers crossed evans dont start in the bac line ne more but we are here... we r jsut in shock.... still
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