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Yep, cause here are more united-haters than sociedad-fans ;)
6 years ago
Or maybe never ...
You nailed it man! :D
S**t, I logged in to footytube and landed on 4chan ...
Well, without knowing you I would say, if you really want to get into European Football watch the games! I mean, to choose one team upon the recommendations of ...
Sorry, I don't get it, who is use again?!
Sure, but he is still a great prospect for the future!
Hey man, I wrote an answer concerning your question about the video! Just wanna let u know!
Beside this is post is already a month old and in the wrong forum ... could you be more specific?! What was the theme of the video? Was it about a special playe...
Are you having some special-themed week of absurd ideas over there in Britain? Starting with the discussion suggesting that the leading clubs should receive a l...
Inb4 the shitstorm ... :D
"Ten in the back behind the ball, Viktoria Pilzen, is it enough? No it's not! Haha!" and "One-Two, One-Two and there, and there! It is superb!" Guess it's t...
Somewhere on FootyTube
6. Villareal wasn't really a threat, so the there is no necessity for the other 5 things.
Yeah right ... implying you meant in Synchronized Swimming that might be even true! I heard about Italy being world-class at that! In case of football I really ...
Fifaxx: you should thank the footytube crew that downvotes are not possible on this site. you surely would've got some today :D Anyway, why is this whole "yo...
You can be surely impressed by the crowd in Napoli, but this still doesn't explain the weak performance of the ref. Anyway, Bayern controlled the game, but lack...
Beautiful strikes from Podolski, damn he is playing a great season!
Somewhere on FootyTube
The old story short: One guy is dropping the n-bomb, another accuses everyone to be racist ... in the words of Prof. Dr. Tupac: "I see no changes all I see i...
After watching Twilight Pepe seemed to go through a serious identity crisis. How could the guys ever feel comfortable next to him in the shower again ...
Exactly, I would say this was a lucky win for Dortmund. After the red for Perisic it felt almost the complete 2nd half like oneway football. Good for Dortmund t...
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