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U fuc kin RUssian Commie Bitches. Fix that Shittttt
6 years ago
Obviously you people don't really know much about world news. A Revolution in Egypt's more complicated than "authorities" vs "the people." Wow - no wonder the W...
That's one of the Best goals Ever scored...most probably.
I'm not even a EPL Ref yet and I, along with my 10 year old nephew can tell ya that's not a Freakin' Penalty - NOR Even a Foul. Ya Fat Pie-Munching Yellow-Belly...
Ur Kind of a w****r aren't ya Buddy? Liverpool win the lottery, of course you're happy for 'em. Bullocks Mate!!
AwesomE!! Nippon!!!
And Once Again the World can see that Madrid is Mostly SHITTTT and BARCA are the Timeless and Legendary Masters of the Game. Technique and class will ALWAYS rei...
Wow, some people love to showBoat
These Commentators are Hilarious!! n I don't even know what they're saying. Awesome.
FINALLY, Serie A is showing up this Season. After several years of decline, scandals, and lack of quality play, The Italians are shoring up their houses (not th...
For real, for real, Group A had 3 potential UCL winners - Esp Bayern n Napoli, they could go all the way. The 4-5 teams that look like contenders are Barca, Mad...
This is why La Liga is the Best League in the World! Look at that Class and Technique!!!
Barca's gonna Strike back in El Clasico! It's so hard to choose between these two Amazing teams -- though Messi's class pretty much settles things. Ronaldo is a...
You Definitely know your football Seniorita and thank you, sometimes it's not easy to be so good looking :) Other people tend to get jealous and start hating. H...
Haaaajhaaaa haha ahhaaa ! thanks for making me have a nice hee-ha harrr
Wow, this Turkish team is a f*****g Disgrace to the Turkish powerhouses of the past years. To have the Best Coach in the world and play such shite Cracker-White...
It's quite clear (especially with the arrival or Hotspurs, Newcastle and City to the top of the table) that the Premier league is the Best in Futbol. But it's a...
I Looooove the way he pisses off other teams' fans. I just wanna see some more fist-pumping action. It must suck to get creamed by the Citizens. But this is the...
Yep! That is the only way City can win, by unbuckling their lackluster defense. Because their team chemistry and spirit is on par with Barcelona to say the leas...
Well said Jason, obviously you're no buffoon or uneducated hooligan. I've been an admirer of Super Mario since I saw his impeccable technique playing for the It...
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