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This is not even close to a straight comparison considering if you took the best XI from each league (not country) they would definitely be more competitive (th...
7 years ago
Sure England had poor performances but they made it to the second round and lost to by far the hottest team in the tournament at the time (Germany) who ran arou...
There was only one yellow given as far as I know (116')...no rules were broken if that was the case. When (what minute) were the two yellows given?
Stecklenberg Ramos Puyol Lucio Van Bronkhorst Schweinsteiger Honda Sneijder Mueller Forlan Klose S...
MSN's starstruck or something by the big names of Robinho and Messi...I'd replace them with Sneijder and Mueller for sure
One thing you're not recognizing is that fouls leading to potential injury have a more direct victim apart from the opposing team's chance at winning, unlike ha...
Any sort of hard foul, or dangerous play on a player would require much harsher punishment...this is far from the worst thing that can happen in football as mos...
Btw I'm predicting 2-1 Netherlands as the final score
More organized yes, but as seen so many times in the past (and obviously from earlier comments by RVP no different now) suspect to implosion. Although van Marwi...
I wonder if they'll make stew out of him after last match haha
I just want to make clear, it's not that I don't support Spain or that was the reason I made this thread. It's well-known they have an enormous amount of talent...
I think Holland's got more grit and maybe a more skilled attack than Germany did. While they have played similar styles this World Cup, everyone forgets that Ge...
You may be startled by this as Spain are still in the tournament, which obviously takes an enormous amount of skill/luck, but I've been watching them all tourna...
He didn't cheat the game...everything went exactly according to the book (rules which both teams understood and exploit on a regular basis to win) and what happ...
I didn't read this post until today but reading the predictions made at the onset of the WC are funny now. Though it's not to say I wouldn't have picked them my...
Though I'm Polish I can't completely fault Germany or point to some immoral/unfairness to this situation as Podolski, if I'm not mistaken, was turned down by th...
Genius...I'll say here what I have said elsewhere which I think is getting lost in this discussion...there's no sliding scale of punishment/morality that adapts...
Maybe I am a bit biased against the Italian national team...they are World Champions but their age really worries me against these younger teams around the glob...
8 years ago
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