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MOTD here - http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/fulham-2-liverpool-3-motd-3/
How can a bundesliga player of the year be seated on the bench is just beyond me.
114 people voted Liverpool rubbish and 35 voted them lucky?!?!
Awful commentator...both of them. "Soaring like a salmon"...LOL! What does that even mean?
Fair point, but Juve would be cursing themselves for not offering more :)
Whoa whoa whoa
Turkey would have made a great contribution to the World Cup. Sad not to have them go through. Every time they participate, it's quite an event! They have the g...
94 people voted rubbish for USA? Haters gonna hate...
What a bunch of bull#$#%. Kagawa was named player of the year at Bundersliga. Just because he is not tall or physically strong does not mean is he not fit. This...
The two former Chelsea men proving to be fantastic signings. Moses - goal on his debut. Sturridge - goal in every game so far this season. But second half perfo...
Yes but the opposite is also true. Come on now, it's not like the US played the A team either. No Dempsey, Donovan, etc.
I am probably gonna get dislikes for this, but I am going to say it. European logic: USA wins = European team played with B team. USA loses = USA is s**t.
What a shame..3-2 would have been a more fair assessment.
5 years ago
Very frustrating to watch. Team has no consistency. Absolutely shocking defense. Not many shots either, forget about being on target; there is just no intent at...
OMG, is it just me or the second commentator is really annoying. Better watch this clip on mute...
What about Olympic games?
Mexico played great, but maybe Brasil needs Kaka or Ronaldinho.
6 years ago
Hard to associate Germany with green color sorry.
The problem is that Liverpool is not winning titles. I think a lot of people and critics of Suarez will chill off if that happened. A lot of players get negativ...
@Aerofred2002 - don't be hating. Every one of those goals were entertaining.
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