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A good footballmatch, weightlifting and reading books. I even enjoy writng a lot!
When hooligans sabotaging games, racism and war, and my god, the list, as the world looks like today, could go on forever and ever....
Been through alot in my life but still i`m standing tall. Have kept my love for the game throughout all the storms thats been riveting my years, and today i`m a referee in the younger stages: up to 16 years old.
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I agree, Kun Aguero is kind of a "dream-signing!" :-)
8 years ago
I cannot see how Berbatov could remain in Man U after this season! I`m sooo disapointed for his game this year. Let him go for God sakes!!!! We need players we ...
Let him go - cut him loose - kick him out, all he is doing now and in the past seasons is damaging the club. He is making the "brand " liverpool fading away, bo...
I would have sold him!! ...to Man United!!! ;-)
Hi Tony! Yes lets put our faith in that the sun will make some magic working!!! I cant help but feeling a little bit of worries arise inside of me after the la...
It`s a no for me!!! :-)
Hi kjell, nice to have you back mate, you must have been busy to stay away from footytube..lol. i think this bad weather could help utd, maybe get some injured...
Hi Tony! Sorry, but i have not been to this site lately, but happy new years to you too!!!! And yes, we all hope for them big wins this year!!! :-)
Eventhough Ando is a brilliant player of many kinds and a real asset to the club, he still has to - in my opinion - take his game to the next level. The interna...
Happy new year kjell.....and hopefully a record breaking 4 in a row for the devils..!!
Hi BuckmcDancer and welcome to us both as friends!!! The link you sent me didn`t work but I asume it has to do with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, eh? :-)
Hey, read your personal story and really enjoyed it :D U might like this A united legend, the most underrated striker ever and he's from Norway http://www.yo...
This is maybe a wild thought from over here, but I kinda Imagine Ole Gunnar Solskjär being an adept for the job at the moment. Bidying his time with the reserv...
Never gonna happen at Inter!! =)
As much as I hate to say this I think United gonna get burned in the semi finals and make way for Barcelona and Real Madrid. I can never make myself belive tha...
I agree! At his best days he is a machine! =)
I agree with you totally!!! Ronaldo or maybe Ribery would stengthen their game even futher! =)
Hey mate! Thanx for the add! Looking forward to share some points of views in the future with you! =)
Yes I know that good attackers are and should chase the ball no matter what, because as you say, there can be made misstakes. But that doesn`t change the fact t...
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