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Aaron222 (Meep)
Fan of Manchester United during the first decade of 2000. They are now just as bad as City and Chelsea for abusing transfer budgets. The team now a shadow of its former self. Never ...
Amayel (Mamalé) from Paris, France
ça doit faire 3 ans que je connais footytube ! J'adore !
Aneeceak (Aneece)
AniBhat (ANi)
Arsenal777 (Ibrahim Abraham) from San Diego, United States
ArsenalFan96 (Alisha Krishnan) Singapore
I like sport.
BarcaFerLife (Art Blashishin) from Portland, Usa
Bendit14 (Hussain) from Toronto, Canada
BigNav (Navinder)
Bloodbrothers (Cesar)
I eat food
Blueskiesahead (Austin Tyrrell) from Wheatley, Canada
Unfortunatly, since i live in the most americanized part of Canada (we have to drive NORTH to get to detroit, thats right, look on a map if you dont believe me) i was never exposed ...
Boblic (Sofia Okashina)
Booba (BIGGIE BEIL) from CAIRO, Poland
Google on @Biggiebeil
Chalogon (Gonzalo Oaxaca)
CHELSEA61 (Rylan Hart) from Winnipeg, Canada
and England
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