Krvkrv awaits the next Manchester United match!
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Then I am footytube's Gary Neville! :P
1 week ago
Check your wall
1 month ago
Even the teams at the bottom get loads of money nowadays. So this league has become much more competitive unlike La Liga. I feel that Arsenal's invincibles were...
It is amazing! Thanks for sharing :)
2 months ago
"First he needs to rest for 10 days, then we will have a better idea," said United boss Louis van Gaal. United had initially tweeted that the Dutch midfielder, ...
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"I am more like Mourinho than Guardiola"...hahaha... You are nothing but David Moyesie. Go home you are drunk!
Pepe tackling his own goalkeeper
Southampton are on a rebuilding stage too but it doesn't seem like it! The thing with us is that we haven't been able to play the same back 4 week in week out d...
My bad!
3 months ago
"The signing of Shaw was the one we tried to get when he was 16 years of age. "They wouldn’t sell him to us but they always said we’d be first to know ...
It makes no sense that we let Vidic go for free and now we will have to spend millions for a new defender. Very similar to the Pogba situation but WE DIDN'T LEA...
4 months ago
Letting go 3 of our 4 starting defenders from last season all at once was such a stupid decision, especially Vidic and we didn't even get a solid replacement :(
Any one else feels that we should buy Howedes? Experienced world cup winning defender, 26 year old and currently Schalke's captain. Would be a great signing.
5 months ago
Edit : Double post
6 months ago
Bebe was supposed to be the next Ronaldo right?? The claim that someone is the next Messi or next Ronaldo depends on who makes the comparison. Usually the media...
Lol!! Check this out!
Redface!! Dude!!!! When I read the 1st line I was like f**k my life!
Iniesta on van Gaal: When asked by Barca TV if van Gaal was an imposing figure, he replied: "Yes. He already commands respect when you are a veteran, so imagin...
7 months ago
"I am not playing at this World Cup for a transfer. I feel good at Manchester United. I have to admit that this season was one which I want to forget as quickly...
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Krvkrv nominated D. Welbeck (82') for Goal of the Week
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