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I guess this is the april fools thing :P
8 years ago
I don't know where this news is coming from? i certainly haven't heard or read anything about it. can you tell me where you got the article from??
Liverpool vs united, its make or break guys, i think one more loss and the titles gone for good. If it can't be liverpool, i just hope its not united
Come on liverpool, what you playying at, get back to winning!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe the ref wont see me break his leg if i kick his head
Im just going to sit here and see that HEAD in
Rodallega: i wanna say sumthin in the microphone Vidic: Ref i thought it was my turn
Wheres my shirt gone?
Player in black: do you think i should make them bigger Player in white: wait let me have a feel
Interviewer: Lampard, how do you manage to train day in day out Terry: because this is what he gets as a reward
Fan: Carlton, can i have your top please im skint Fan 2 running in: no, wait, i need a top too Fan 3: i just want your shorts
You want to see a trick, well pull my finger
Ref: does it feel better now? Giggs:aaaaaaahhhh
Arsene: how many kick ups do you think i can do on my toe Ref: how about you do your showboating in the stands, ive got 2 seconds of the game left!
Whos got my glasses?
Pep: whats that on your backside carlos
I would say the likes of johnson evra ramos alves cole lahm nd clichy but watch out for the two brazilian full backs (fabio and rafael) united have got theyre v...
You reckon, theres a lot of good teams now and they still have to register a point but they do have the players to do it
Yh i think thats a good signing too lets jus hope he doesnt do that well tho considering hes going to everton:P
Yh they need sumthin after all the players leaving btw this is subject to a work permit
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