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I knew daily fail cant be trusted,but hopefully this was a blessing for all of us..
7 hours ago
Long time not see u hv been here prophet.. btw how about de jong?
4 days ago
5 days ago
Dont worry mate,we only manage loss twice from the record.we also play nice attacking football now,those crossing n long ball will win us again.just keep faith ...
System?but still the game plan is the same which is useless!!we only spread the ball to wide area n just cross it hoping that rvp falcao rooney fella header it....
Did moyes spent money this much?what makes lvg cant be criticise?he already spent 100mil,we got herera mata maria blind still cant play well,his sub and startin...
Nahhh.not gonna happend lvg would claim there is no balance with the will stretching his ass with that formation.he only saw crossing game.thats...
6 days ago
Dont was lvg philosophy n logic..
Its not his first time,he will keep doing that till we sold him.dont worry mate..
I hope we play young as starting eleven so we can cross more ball to our striker or fellaini.that would be the key to our winner.goodjob Mr Lvg..
Dont worry mr lvg would be happy to repeat it again but with young as lb n valencia as rb..
Nonsense?looks what we doing.we play same football week n week out which were so f*****g boring with long cross.he even cant determine his own first 11.our corn...
We are total lvg!!
Lvg should leave.we still play same tactical week n week out.he is so stuborn..
Take that idiot lvg who cant determine his own starting eleven.f**k himm
Another belgian been add to our academy..
1 week ago
Mayb lvg should play mata herera blind maria in midfield,just let rooney partner with wilson rvp or falcao.right?
Do u guys think mata will leave in summer?
Lets try rvp n fellaini as striker.keep herera in midfied..
Afro man cant keep that the reason mata loss spot to
11 months ago
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