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Wow Arab commentators are the worst
Lol good win
Lol portugal......... ummmmmm okay
All the guy said was pirlo's the best, he doesn't need to be lectured at over who knew about his skill first. Damn hipsters
Somewhere on FootyTube
It's all about match bans then it will have a serious chance of dying out
This isn't youtube, buddy. Don't be a like whore
Wow what an idiot. It obviously was a miracle that Man City wasn't destroyed by 3 or more goals this game to everyone, not just bandwagoners. smh
Really good game, both teams played well in different halves. It could have gone either way Guys, shut up about the ref. Supporters of other team whine about...
Some people get so lost with sarcasm
Somewhere on FootyTube
Chelsea is a disgrace to the game
It was all part of their plan all along!! How could I not see that? it's so obvious now! (sarcasm)
It is true that if it was the other way around, no one would be saying anything.
It doesn't matter if Evans was seriously injured or not, the tackle itself merits a red card for cleats up, and for being a lunge. It's the rules, stop blaming...
I hate it when people blame the refs when Man U or Barca win. Get over it and move on. Stop whining because calls didn't go your way. I've seen calls go agai...
What did he say??
Fabregas really has to improve his finishing, it's a shadow of his finishing at arsenal
Fellaini! What a game for him. Everton's looking amazing so far
MALAGA! I did not expect them to dominate Zenit so well. Isco for goal of the week! Poor Hulk. Such a stupid decision to join Zenit. He was blessed with H...
Damn, Spurs were really unlucky in this game. One onside goal ruled offside and 1 goal ruled wrongfully for a foul, haaaarsh. None the less, they're looking g...
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