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We don't have the squad depth so a week off is much needed.
Resort to diving? Are you 12?
Mourinho is a funny character. He refers to players as eggs and now chelsea as a small horse that needs milk...Mourinho, the farmer or a football manager. Lol. ...
And bought a striker like Torres:p
Watson, I am a liverpool supporter and feel your sentiments. Their success is quick and short term, my friend.
4 years ago
Its fine if he celebrated. And what honestabe said makes sense. He can celebrate all he wants, I am just glad he doesn't play for liverpool.
Lol. He's back for a game and then gone for next 6;)
Good win! BR did a good thing to give a chance to the bench warmers. But kudos to Oldham city players. Put up a tough fight.
Suarez is turning into a free kick master class!
I'd be laughing my ass off when chelsea doesn't make it to top 4 and IT IS POSSIBLE!
Mourinho should have kept his mouth shut but coming out and saying Suarez did a swimming pool dive and that he should have gotten a yellow card is outrageous. I...
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