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Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il_E8k1Humk&list=UUTgKPVYUxMr6ri3ptww56gQ turn to Minute 58:00 these idiots start all these fake rumors like crazy ....and its...
3 years ago
16 million!!! WTF shoot me in the F@cking face!!!!
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFHe2XI7xxc this is the guy you guys should of signed....dont get me wrong all CB's are ok but not world class...him playing fo...
ALLEGRI??? whattt
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6xHuDYjpYw&list=UURDadUIGiqjb3ShjKi7gV5w skip to 22: 14 ...
Http://youtu.be/5YRTGdWFHwk I hate this Piece of cookies in the suit making fun of Cristiano all the time.
Wrong my dude http://www.goal.com/en/news/12/spain/2009/07/18/1388905/signing-ibrahimovic-from-inter-will-cost-barcelona-875m might be right about Villa thou....
Http://youtu.be/u7d-OISE1bA SMDH
Well the Real problem is that Santos and the third party that owns Neymars image rights and etc. are going to bring hell to Barca cause they're asking wheres th...
Not at all the time Ibra 70 Mil, Villa 60, Chygrinski 30 , ...the guy ( Rosell) lied, there is no way the most Marketed guy / best Brazilian player since Ronald...
Mundo a newspaper from BARCA and the guy who took to court Rosell says Neymar transfer was about 150 mil. He stepped down cause he knew he lied...last Tuesday ...
We played terrible ....Why is Matri in my team ...the stats said Pazzini had more shots on goal then him and he was there for 3 min. BTW anyone saw Robinho's tw...
Koopa13 just Watched
After Wilshere gave the city fans the finger the FA has done nothing...Suarez got banned from 2 games i Believe...got damn all these English Cunt5 get away with...
Koopa13 just Watched
Koopa13 just Watched
Koopa13 just Watched
Dont know if any of you guys saw Karanka's interview ...Mou's Assistant last season...he said that theyre snitches Cough* Ramos, Casillas...that are damaging th...
@ Cheshire101 if you not have read the news ,,,EPL is being accused of matchfixing right now...we all know the FA have no balls to do anything about it...smdh
If that was Suarez holy s**t a 10 match ban but NOOO its Rooney he's British and yea he plays for united ...f****r can get away with Murder..
Welbeck?? lol ok
Http://youtu.be/WrkBjTR85U8 skip to mid Video ...earlier today Ancelotti crying for Milan Legend Borgonovo ...not going to lie ...I almost teared up :(
I widh we had Contrao from Madrid...rotting in the bench
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