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Good game from the reds. hope they play at madrid like this on thursday!
4 years ago
Yeah, we really missed him. ngog is not a bad striker but he simply can't replace torres.
Blackburn was a bit unlucky, they hit the post. but they should play better if they want to finish top ten.
I think if hull doesn't beat burnley next week they will go down!
Really unlucky for liverpool! but i think they will win at anfield and got to the next round!
I also don't understand why lucas is playing instead of aqua! but maybe it's because rafa wants to play with two DM. but i think aqua would bring a lot more cre...
That's true but i think our main problem was the offensive last night. we didn't even get a shot on the target. their should be a second striker so that the ba...
To get the 4th spot we need to win nearly all of our games i think, because spurs and city are in front of us and won't lose many of their games.
Really poor performance! i don't see any creativity in our game. maybe with aqua starting it's better. insua was again really bad. wigan was attacking on his l...
France just hasn't got as good players as they had ten years ago. also a better coach couldn't do anything against spain, i think. and spain has one of their be...
Austria made a good game last night! the victory against denmark was great! just the atmosphere in the stadium was poor!
Hope he won't leave. i think he and torres are just the most important players for the club!
Yeah milner would be an option! but if we buy players from villa i think dowmning would be good as a left winger!
Valencia is getiing better and better. soon he'll be able to replace ronaldo! and rooney is just brilliant. scoring nearly evry game once or more
I think kuyt should play upfront together with torres. he's always fighting and giving evrything for the team.
I also have exspected a lot more. at least they are still in the race for the 4th place.
Hope liverpool will get the 4th place. but they should start to play better than they did today. with a win today it would have been a lot easier.
Yes, arsenals right hand side with eboue and walcott played really good. sunderland couldn't control them.
Nice to see lp winning. i think they should go to the next round, but 1:0 is not a big advantage so they still have to be careful.
I think so too. but when they are playing stronger teams than porto they won't get away with it.
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