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Chelsea & FCK and have sympathy with the way teams like Tottenham and Arsenal play. Fan of Juve as a child.
Stephen Hunt, Materazzi, Gattuso, Pepe, C. Ronaldo
Amateur (Midfielder) Viktorias
Drink - write - fight - girls - travel - smoke - football.
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..yeah it seems like its a big game and broadly televized.. its probably normal for a PL ref, to take some of the bigger CS games for some extra dough eh? its...
7 hours ago
Thats the best i can do m8..ish
Chelsea 90ish win liverpool 85ish spurs/united 82ish city 4rth arsenal 5th.. and that will be what finally signs of wenger...ish
I know you are but what am i?
3 days ago
Costa gets the giullotine on trafalger square broadcasted per per view, no campaign eh?
First season at chelsea 04/05 everyone was calling Mou playing style boring and defensive... fact is, we had more shots towards and on goal than anybody that se...
The good thing about today is that we capitalize on the fact that our wing backs will find them selves in scoring situations. I have also been on Alonso's case ...
4 days ago
There is a difference, but what is it that you can't afford, buy , plan to do, on 100k a week?? Save up for a month and a half LOL You can live a great life,...
5 days ago
.. well theres been no official statement form the club so how would they know 100% ? no sources cited in the " article" either, just frasings like " it is und...
Agree with nautilius comment, these players arnt hard for cash and its NOT a job like any other job. You have to count in the ambitiouns for personal and team...
Ridiculous.. that amount of money is obsene, i think im gonna be sick. dude already earns 7,8 mil pounds a year. Too much money in pro sports - damn
Both de gea and cech were, and are better keepers than joe hart in my opinion.. id also take lloris & courtois over him just cause of the weird flips he´d do s...
1 week ago
Besides eriksen and alli, wanyama was the difference. he won every tackle and duel he was involved in, what performance!
2 weeks ago
Arsene wenger.. damn what happened
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