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Chelsea & FCK and have sympathy with the way teams like Tottenham and Arsenal play. Fan of Juve as a child.
Stephen Hunt, Materazzi, Gattuso, Pepe, C. Ronaldo
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Drink - write - fight - girls - travel - smoke - football.
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I was rooting for Liverpool mate, but come on.. Karius made the error of the decade theres no excuse. And then he kinda did it again in the second leg..
3 weeks ago
Tough break lads. Real needed something speciel to beat you, and when a scummy player like Ramos purposly injures your best player and your keeper makes the fai...
Nobody could have predicted that Sanchez would have such a vertical dive in form, everybody wanted him bad in that transfer window...
1 month ago
Listen, I really don´t care what the commentators say, or the pundits say, or whatever my fellow fans on this page say.. I can honestly say that we were the ...
Come on lads positive vibes we got this! knock on wood!
Handball yes but OMG Alonso thats a easy placing round De Gea. Playing well though imo
Hazard has been good for 8 seasons or so. Scoring, assisting and winning games on his own. Please, dont compare a player whos really only had one good season ...
I dont get this mentality... WHY would you hope for your team to loose a final, or any match for that matter?
Anyone who has folowed Reals road to victory in CL the last two seasons, will have to at some point agree, that they have had a LOT of luck and ref decisions po...
I keep thinking what a hard season this has have been for Kante. Both Fabregas and Baka have been respectively poor over this season ( i even think they thems...
Thats two clear penalties not called + a brain meltdown from the reserve goalkeeper. Bayern without Neuer is like United without De Gea.. 20% off the results a...
Chelsea mate, we still have a few records they havent broken yet and cant this season.. And of course the Gunners undefeated season. But the fact that so ma...
True about Poch, but trophies arent always the measure of a great team. I was always puzzled that Chelsea didnt win more in those golden years between 04 and ...
Aaaah ok, I can see further down this page that youre one of those users who likes to instigate things. I guess im the fool for taking the bait.
Why is this important to you? People keep talking about this like jeesh get over it already..And why would you post this here to antagonize? Hes not coming ba...
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