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Chelsea & FCK and have sympathy with the way teams like Tottenham and Arsenal play. Fan of Juve as a child.
Stephen Hunt, Materazzi, Gattuso, Pepe, C. Ronaldo
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Drink write fight girls travel smoke football.
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Why so many poolers on this forum now? - lucky day for you huh? whatever, nobody cares..
4 days ago
Campaign never stopped
5 days ago
Are you for real? this feels like trolling lol.. you now what that burnley player had been doing all game out from jump kicking ivanovic in the back to this abs...
Good one!
I dont really think the comparison is even necessary, Messi & Miss Ronaldo are on their own level - nobody comes close. Hazard is a great player for us and he...
1 week ago
She really does have some big eyes..
Haha semi pro, forgot about that one..
If i were a city supporter i´d be more worried about loosing second than grabbing first. The gap is smaller down to 2nd & 3rd than up to us, plus the two teams...
2 weeks ago
..so can they do it?
Imagine it that had been Mou.. uuh season ban.
"se wan foot without se stiches" haha Jose is the king, what an absolute cracker of a first timer is was though.
Yeah like 8 for me, as mentioned the dropped unexpected points before but gainst hull WITH Aguero? did not see that one coming..
Itsa lookinga gooooda!
Wow thats a tuff one, same thing happened to my girls dad last year and it was so hard on every one.. Thank you for sharing man, all my best to you and your fa...
3 weeks ago
Haha you mean Bendtner? - thats hillarous! Im Danish and that title is really fitting for the way he sees himself. He used to be together with this woman who...
The thing about oscar is that his stats are great and so are the results he generates for the team.. But if you watch all the Chelsea games, you will know that ...
So what else is new right?! This happens every game to us - its ridiculous. Regarding the goal, I think we actually won it back before they eventually scored...
^racism dawg.. its like skertl could wear the 4 edged uniform and costa looks like at 45 year old gypsy burglar hehe..
He was applauded at the end of the game as well. Fans still love Frank (not all obviously) This story is being boiled on for a while now by the media and specs ...
Wow, great farewell schurrle vid from feroze!
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