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Chelsea & FCK and have sympathy with the way teams like Tottenham and Arsenal play. Fan of Juve as a child.
Stephen Hunt, Materazzi, Gattuso, Pepe, C. Ronaldo
Amateur (Midfielder) Viktorias
Drink - write - fight - girls - travel - smoke - football.
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Stop beating a dead horse jeez... United fans gotta get used to not being the best team in England anymore ( echo...wait for the comments replying " Are you sa...
19 hours ago
Schmeichel MOM for Leicester, had like 8 saves
2 days ago
..thinking about visiting the Leicester page after tonights game - I thought - Wonder if Sergio & co. are still bullying that poor Buklau guy? First comment ...
Luckily for everyone in footbal, Øvrebo is since 2013 retired, the mug. He quickly went back to reffing only Norwegian football after the scandal though, i t...
Carrasco or griezman..NO falcao please
Im convinced that both Mahrez and Vardy would perform well in bigger teams - they´re just not really getting the setups they should. Mahrez keeps getting hig...
Out of litterally nothing comes Vardy. lets go!
...and he will want to leave. Schmeichel will probably also find offers from larger clubs.. Damn Leicester look so tired in this game. Like they all palying o...
But the point is, that they will only play that ONE game at the bridge right.. New rule states that it´s sudden death from the quarters, thats what Efarneri p...
5 days ago
I mean, you got a player like Fabregas sitting on the bench for curseword`s sake..
Come on guys.. look, we all want Bats to shine a have his moment, but Conte made a point saying hes not fully ready for PL remember? Plus - how can it be a wa...
Same time comment obviously.
Sanjival.. but they whole point is final games cant draw right? so do you mean he will go for a draw to penalty shootout?
1 week ago
Apparently it was a free kick on Stones.. the linesman didnt have the flag up. but total bs freekick
Uuuuh lucky hehe
Wow!... Bournemouth just got robbed.. King was almost two meters ONside.. ridiculous!!
Tuff game, Burnley are real hard lads at home, make no mistake. I think they got away with too much regarding the physical challenges though.. you could see ha...
Yeah, its not like the rest were shining lol
This ref can suck my
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