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Chelsea & FCK and have sympathy with the way teams like Tottenham and Arsenal play. Fan of Juve as a child.
Stephen Hunt, Materazzi, Gattuso, Pepe, C. Ronaldo
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Drink - write - fight - girls - travel - smoke - football.
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For sure, and this after what he did against arsenal. top 5 best player in the world
2 months ago
What makes a great manager, among other things, is the ability and willfullness to change and adapt your gameplan. a mean its about winning games right? This ...
Please mail me number if you are not able to post in FT. Email: navoj08@gmail.com
3 months ago
Can you post your whatsapp number. Bluffmaster is admin. Let me check with him on adding you to Whatsapp group.
Omg how bad is Jorginhos passing
...and how slow are we playing again today? If Hazard stays it will be a miracle. Get Jorginho out of here, then give Kante his real position back and put Hud...
@sanjeevdhital - i cant reply either. been on this site since 2010 but yeah its totally dead now. Id like to join the whatsapp FT chelseagroup, how can i join?
@sanjeevdhital - i cant reply either. been on this site since 2010 but yeah its totally dead now. Id like to join the whatsapp FT chelseagroup, how can i join?
@Chelsea4hype - yes im the same way, im not convinced regarding Jorginho (last week i was like -dude - leave the club asap) but he had better game than in a wh...
Ok so we got the three points which is great, but come on lets be honest this was away too close against a team that will probably be relegated. How many chanc...
Agreed. Im really liking Christensens performance in this game and Emerson is not fantastic but he provides soon much more pace than Alonso. lets get a Hazar...
Glad to see AC in the starting lineup today, but smh why Barkeley on lm? and id prefer Pedrito over Willy also.. Anyway good game to get a streak started, Fu...
What tf is pix11?
Yeah but its normal, hardly no pundits back Chelsea ever, hard to see that from RG though since he was player and coach here. yeah Kepa saved Sanes but droppe...
@Oweniit - i pointed out the same thing earlier tonight. I was really waiting to see Azpi running over to Kepa like " listen kid get your ass off the field"
@Drogbalampard - not Blaming Jorginho only for the missed pen ( even though it was tragically executed) - i´ve calmed down a bit now 😅 but what i mean is, ...
You're kidding me right? This is outright mutiny slapped in Sarris face,and at the bridge in front of a home crowd .. smh this kid needs to be taught some mann...
This is a disgrace, plain and simple. Im no fan of Sarri, never have been since we sacked Conte, but Kepas behaviour is sooooo out of line! And why is our ca...
So if we win Europa League, do we then qualify for CL next season even if we Finnish 6/7th this season? ..I can never remember
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