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Chelsea & FCK and have sympathy with the way teams like Tottenham and Arsenal play. Fan of Juve as a child.
Stephen Hunt, Materazzi, Gattuso, Pepe, C. Ronaldo
Amateur (Midfielder) Viktorias
Drink - write - fight - girls - travel - smoke - football.
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Too bad about Azpi, he really didnt play well these last seasons 😂😂😂😂
4 days ago
Pricetags are bs these days - but a business answer i guess, you now guuuuys, maybe he wont even have to play he can just stand outside the bridge sellin shirts...
1 week ago
What about James rodriguez, wont he leave Real? I for one would love him here. He´s not that fast, but all other aspects are pretty great. Plus we get anothe...
L e w a n d o w s k i!!! and what the hell Sanchez as well
How clueless can you be 😂
Lewandoski just pissed off his teammates with a statement, lets buy him instead of lukaku please!
2 weeks ago
Yeah of course the were better, it was just.. i dont know man - Juve was so good through this tournament and that Ramos thing just left a sour feeling with me.
Ha ha.. what do you mean savcab?
Damn, what happened? He actually fractured it?
Booooh Ramos the diver and deflection real! Forza juve
What Ramos did was disgracefull. How Can he walk around like This macho tuff guy with ugly tattoos, and then fall down whimpering by the slightest touch. Should...
Hm socceris..whatevs im getting a deja vu here jeez, Ok you win, now everybody stop talking, kill the lights.. nobody left to argue with 😂
3 weeks ago
"Kapone".. You sound like a little girl honestly, or are you just baiting? Kid, this is not that kind of forum - only serious debates por favor. Now, if you ...
Yeah 15 points BETTER than Gunners, and on a better ref day we wouldve beat em. kinda pissed off whatever
Wow.. another crucial ref mistake. Gunners surely played well, but come on - first goal is just ridiculous. first semi bad perfomance from Kante i´ve personal...
Who else? 🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆🎆
1 month ago
So jealous that i dont live in London. Have a great day guys!
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