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JoshuaBrady (Forza Juve)
Juve21 (Del Piero)
Easygoing and nice to be with...
Juveseria (Adrian Agius)
Still at school and have a passion for football. Check out my youtube channel where I crated compilations, highlights and other videos relating to football. Contact me I you have a ...
Kominho (Hossam Elkomy) from Elharam, Egypt
Hey footytube members, My name is Francis and as you could see, I love watching Liverpool play. In school, I'm on the tennis team, but not in football...(same season). Football i ...
KrsmA (Milan K) from Belgrade, Serbia
LeDerp (Derp Derpington) from Manchester, England
and England
I like cheese.
Lugs13 (Lugus)
Marco (Marco) Canada
MarquinhoACM (Marcos) from Atlanta, USA
Born in America to Brazilian parents. Love playing soccer, physically and virtually, and love watching, especially Serie A and AC Milan football. Been a fan of Milan since 2005 and ...
Minadeo (Joseph Minadeo) from Port Washington, USA
MrMcInsane (Dean Anthony Prescott) from Málaga, Spain
Noir853 (Ricardo Noir) from The Royal Town
There's probably a slight chances someone out there might hate/dislike me by my post.. ..but there's a bigger chance I don't give a F***
Spurs since 1978. Barca since 1991.
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