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JoshuaBrady (Forza Juve)
Juve21 (Del Piero)
Easygoing and nice to be with...
Juventusfc (Omar Ali Osman) from Toronto, Canada
Passion for football, I love playing, watching, listening to anything that has to do with the beautiful game is all mine. Football offers me the opportunity to escape my realit ...
Juveseria (Adrian Agius)
Still at school and have a passion for football. Check out my youtube channel where I crated compilations, highlights and other videos relating to football. Contact me I you have a ...
Kominho (Hossam Elkomy) from Elharam, Egypt
Hey footytube members, My name is Francis and as you could see, I love watching Liverpool play. In school, I'm on the tennis team, but not in football...(same season). Football i ...
KrsmA (Milan K) from Belgrade, Serbia
LeDerp (Derp Derpington) from Manchester, England
and England
I like cheese.
Lugs13 (Lugus)
Marco (Marco) Canada
MarquinhoACM (Marcos) from Atlanta, USA
Born in America to Brazilian parents. Love playing soccer, physically and virtually, and love watching, especially Serie A and AC Milan football. Been a fan of Milan since 2005 and ...
Minadeo (Joseph Minadeo) from Port Washington, USA
MrMcInsane (Dean Anthony Prescott) from Málaga, Spain
Noir853 (Ricardo Noir) from The Royal Town
There's probably a slight chances someone out there might hate/dislike me by my post.. ..but there's a bigger chance I don't give a F***
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