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I just hate it when people fall back on "luck" as an easy way out when they are not man enough to give credit to where it is due. If the fact that Barcelona and...
6 years ago
Can people stop talking about Chelsea being lucky? They are the only finalist that had to play an "away game". You don't get much more unlucky than that. Chec ...
Unbelievable. the way they threw their bodies around to defend was just amazing. people talk about luck but chelsea had a lot of "un-luck" as well; suspentions,...
LOL and people still think Bayern are favourites for the CL final? Chelsea could convert every single chance with that kind of defending!
Roberto: "Ok King Kenny, I'll play Turnbull for you!"
Surely we have enough cash for a better 2nd keeper?
That's probably because the EPL has more than 2 teams... Anyway this is not who-has-a-more-illustrious-history contest. It's a contest of who scores more goals...
Good for you, you should be happy then, cos barca played "beautifully". You have nothing to complain about if that's all you are about.
Yes I believe it is classified as suicide, and more astonishingly there are numerous recent examples of such suicidal attempts that it baffles me that some "foo...
Someone hasn't learned the lesson of not jumping to conclusions
I agree, I could have scored Torres' goal. It was just a huge thick piece of sickeningly sweet lemon icing on the cake. He will need to prove himself in the fin...
Puya, you should be happy. Barcelona played beautiful football with great combinations and a gazillion passess... Oh... you wanted to win???
Chelsea are one team that isn't afraid of Barcelona. For some reason they don't find it too hard to cancel out their strengths. Not just in 2009 all of their la...
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